May 21 2013

Navin Says: HCJ – no place in our borough

navin_shah2Guest column from Cllr Navin Shah…

In recent months the “Harrow Council for Racial Justice” (HCRJ), which also calls itself the “Harrow Council for Justice” (HCJ), has become active in spreading rumours and falsehoods about various individuals and organisations in Harrow. I believe that HCRJ / HCJ is a front organisation run by Cllr Husain Akhtar. It is not a ‘Council’ of any sort or a democratically elected body. From time to time the group raises it’s ugly head to propagate their agenda, which is largely to peddle their extreme and mostly very personal diatribe against individuals and organisations who disagree with them. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and tarnishes all of us who are involved in local government in Harrow.

The organisation was set up when Cllr Akhtar crossed swords with the Harrow Council for Racial Equality (HCRE), thus the name HCRJ was invented to confuse it with the HCRE. Cllr Akhtar’s actions demonstrate a self-centered approach and an arrogance that completely ignores the concerns of ordinary residents in our borough. After attempting to be elected as an ‘Independent’ to the Council, he joined the Lib Dems and then the Labour Party, followed by the Conservative Party where he finally succeeded in being elected to the Council. On his falling out with the Conservative Leader he once again became an Independent and then re-joined the Labour Party. Since the Labour Group did not pander to his un-democrtic demands and expectations, he’s now part of the splinter break-away group who are orchestrating a scurrilous campaign against the Labour Group of councillors in Harrow.

The HCRJ have attacked Cllr Hall, Cllr Perry, the Labour Group, my family and myself. I am deeply saddened by these tactics but am sadly not surprised. Residents in our borough are struggling with a cost of living and housing crisis in addition to deep cuts to our frontline emergency services. As locally elected councillors these are the issues that we must tackle. The kind of underhand campaigns being run by Cllr Akhtar have no place in our borough, and I’m sure they will receive this message loud and clear at next year’s council elections.

Cllr Navin Shah
Kenton East Ward

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  1. Peter Hamill on Facebook

    The sooner cllr. Akhtar is booted out of the Labour Party the better.

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    I am in qualified agreement with Navin Shah regarding the HCiJ ( Harrow Council for inJustice) had he condemned this shadowy and unaccountable mouthpiece and its appalling and racist attacks on Cllr Susan Hall and the vicious attacks and accusations against me during the West Harrow by-election.

    Only now that this mouthpiece for Husain Akhtar is attacking the decimated Labour Group is Our Nav appalled. It seems that his outrage is not only highly partisan but extremely selective.

    I too am disgusted at his behaviour, but equally appalled at the attempts to bypass Cllr Nana Asante becoming Mayor, in favour of his missus Cllr Reka Shah.

    I hope that Navin Shah will now be distancing himself from the divisive politics of race that he himsrlf entrenched in the Labour Party and that has now bitten him on the arse.

    With his being joined by Cllr Sachin Shah in attacking the breakaway not-the-Labour-Group, is this a case of Shah Wars – Attack of the Clones

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