May 22 2013

Navin Says: Mayor Making “Unsavoury”

navin_shah2Guest article by Cllr Navin Shah:

The dictatorial behaviour of both the outgoing and incoming Mayors at the Full Council meeting gave an unsavoury and early taste of their contempt for the democratic process in Harrow Council. It was outrageous that the outgoing Mayor (one of the gang of 9 defectors) did not allow Cllr David Perry the Leader of the Labour Group to make a dignified statement on the Mayoral issue and the New Mayor (also one of the gang of betrayers) did not allow a roll-call to record voting on the issue of the Council Leadership.

Throughout the evening the ‘Tory Block’ comprising duly elected Tories and the unelected Mock-Tories including the two Mayors (the rump of defector) voted together and made sure the democracy was stifled. This does not bode well for the people of Harrow. But then if Cllr Idaikkader had any respect for the due democratic decision making process he would have resigned as the Leader of the Council when he lost to Cllr David Perry rather than him and his incompetent partners in crime hiding behind the race card.

Source: Cllr Navin Shah

Cllr Navin Shah
Kenton East Ward

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  1. Ricky123

    Navin Shah, I was also there, you call the nine defectors “incompetent partners in crime” Knowing most of them and the work they have done and still do they are far from incompetent and I dont think they have committed a crime. If you want to see some incompetence you need to look closer to home.

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Sorry Navin, but what was and is “unsavoury” was that you tried to edge out Nana Asante to be Mayor in favour of YOUR WIFE Cllr Reka Shah and no coincidence that it would have put Clan Shah at every public event in the run up to NEXT YEAR’S COUNCIL ELECTIONS.

    Now THAT is unsavoury. Actually it stinks. And you wonder why long standing Labour Councillors left in DISGUST.

    You are absolutely SHAMELESS while treating long-suffering residents with complete and utter contempt.

  3. Adole

    I was at yesterday’s Mayor Making and was disappointed at the behaviour of some Councillors. I had come to witness a joyous occasion and was not pleased at the way the position of Mayor was disrespected. The Leader of the Labour Party wanted to read a statement which I gathered could have disrupted proceedings, and was better suited for the Full council meeting on 23rd May.
    If the statement had simply said ‘With deep regret we will not be taking part in today’s proceedings’ that would have been one thing. Unfortunately the statement went further and was rightly stopped as the Mayor Making was not the Forum to air disputes between the Labour Group and Independent Labour Group.
    Congratulations to all those who helped ensure that yesterday’s Mayor Making was a success.

  4. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    How dare you start accusing others of playing the “race card”, HOW DARE YOU.

    You have spent years villifying and accusing anyone who doesnt worship at the Shree Navin Temple of being in someway however obscure “racist”.

    You have demeaned and devalued the term so much that very real racism is treated as opportunistic wolf-crying.

    It is YOU for personal aggrandisement, who have shamelessy played the race card, for example with the Swaminarayan Temple several years ago, and created the divisions that you then purport to “heal”, usually by pillorying and accusing others of “racism”. By the way, before you bluster, I have a RECORDING done by me from the public gallery, of you in full council playing that game when the Temple car park lights were up for discussion. Chris Noyce was the other blusterer.

    Here’s an offer. I Challenge you to a public debate in the largest hall Harrow has and we’ll soon see who has been playing thus dangerous game. I have witnesses and evidence.. Your call.

  5. ricky123

    Well done Jeremy, I will be in the front row if it happens, I doubt very much he will take up your challenge because you will show him up as the fool he is.

  6. Mrs D Akins

    I attended the mayor making ceremony last night to what I thought would be a joyous non political event. I am appalled and disgusted at how the Labour councillors behaved and the blatant disrespect that they showed to the Mayor Making Ceremony.
    It appeared to me that the Labour leader wanted to read a statement which I gathered could have disrupted proceedings, and was better suited for the next full council meeting on 23rd May.(Tomorrow!)
    If the statetment had simply said ” with deep regret we will not be taking part in today ‘s proceedings”, that would have been one thing. Unfortunately the statement went further than that and was rightfully stopped as the Mayor making was not the right forum to air disputes between the Labour Group and the Independent Labour Group .
    I think it is very disappointing that the Labour group chose to act in this way and it has really put me off voting for any of them going forward.
    With regards to Navin Shah’s comments, I am appalled at him accusing the others (who he refers to as a gang) of playing the race card when his own behaviour is highly questionable.
    I am a Labour supporter that was intending on joining the Labour party but may now have to question that judgement !

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