Nov 01 2013

Navin Shah Launches London Cost of Living Survey

navin_shah2Cllr Navin Shah has launched a Cost of Living Survey across London. Consisting of 15 questions (of which one third query whether you’re gay, which religion you follow, and your age, amongst other things). The survey, which clearly isn’t independently authored, and probably not put together with any thought about skewing the figures, says:

I am currently conducting a Cost of Living Survey and I hope that you do not mind my contacting you to ask you to participate. Your contribution will be invaluable to my research.

“The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has confirmed that he is against freezing energy bills. At a time when Londoners are feeling the pinch you would have thought he would be supportive of measures to ease the cost of living crisis hitting our city. We need real action to help struggling families, under Boris we’ve had 5 years of inflation busting fare rises with another increase due to be announced soon. Recently he pushed through plans to increase rents for ‘affordable housing’ up to 80 per-cent of the market rate, this will increasingly push working Londoners out of their homes to make room for the better off. On top of squeezing people ever harder the Mayor is content to spend more on his advisors than the Prime Minister. Over £1.57 million a year of our money goes on his team at City Hall. We are currently facing a cost of living crisis where prices are soaring and everyday necessities like food and bills are becoming unaffordable. The Mayor should use his position to ease the burden on ordinary Londoners.”

So, it’s peppered with questions like “Over the next three years, do you believe you and your family’s living standards will… Go up, go down or stay the same” and “The current yearly salary of a person working full time on minimum wage is £12,070 before tax. Do you  think that this is enough to live on in London?” Clearly, these are loaded questions, and a loaded introduction, and the outcome of the survey is almost entirely predictable.

That said, it’s good that Navin is at least pretending to listen to the voting public. You can offer him your view here.

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  1. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Bit rich from Navin, the man who voted for a 21% rise in council tax, who is regularly described as “the man who bankrupted Harrow”, and who voted against Boris’ tax cuts at City Hall before voting for Harrow Labour’s 2% now / 2% next year double tax hike plan that’s made Harrow’s the 3rd highest council tax in London.

    And what does our Nav say about the “Green Taxes” implemented by Ed Miliband when he was Energy Secretary, taxes that added some 9% to our energy bills? Does Navin support “Green Taxes”? Does he support “Green Taxes” that push up energy prices for Londoners?

    Londoners do face real pressures when it comes to the cost of living – but Navin’s record makes him an unlikely and not wholly credible champion for reducing Londoner’s living costs.

  2. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    Not a word of condemnation from Mogadon Shah about the shameful annual Guy Fawkes FBU strike that puts the public at risk. These are tge public sectir workers who on retirement look forward to a pe mm sion of around £29,000 p/a a sim most private sector workers can only dream about.

    But you can be sure that the man who with his missus rakes in over £80k from the taxpayer and is about to launch his daughter onto a life of telling socialist porkies for personal aggrandizement, will bitch, carp and bleat about “the cuts”. Shah Trek the Next Generation indeed. Utterly shameless.

  3. j p hobbs

    Ah yes the one who took what he agreed was my unfair PCN and photos to sort it out , I never saw it or him again and missed the appeal . nice on Nav

  4. John Nickolay

    This is the person whose nickname at the GLA used to be (and may still be) “the man who bankrupted Harrow Council between 2002 & 2006”. That was despite a 21% increase in Council Tax in 2003! Need we say more?

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