Jan 31 2013

New Design for Harrow Council’s Website on the way

harrow_council_logo2The papering-over-the-cracks department at Harrow Council have been busy over the last couple of months, devising a new look ‘n’ feel for their website, “..in order to make it more user friendly on mobile phones and tablets…” they say. Our view is, perhaps, they should actually fix the broken bits first of all, before trying to make it look pretty. Mind you, we’re sure that leaving the missed bin reporting system broken for most of the last month is saving them a truck-load of money in avoiding going back out to collect bins that have been missed.

The proposed layout is brighter and more cheerful (yes, honestly, it is!) and will, they say, work better on mobile phones and tablets – we don’t know how many visitors they get from those devices, but we’d imagine it’s a rapidly growing number. We’ll leave questions about whether it’s a good use of council-tax payers’ money for another day.


You can see the mock-ups of the site here, and leave Harrow Council your comments.

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