Feb 25 2011

New Flowerbeds in Northolt Road?

If you cast your minds back before the Petts Hills railway bridge was replaced just over a year ago, you’ll remember the raised flowerbeds which sat on that triangle of pavement caused by the junction of Northolt Road, Alexandra Avenue and Petts Hill – see the picture.  Well, this week, workmen have been spotted working on one of the ‘triangle’s building what looks like a raised flowerbed.  Hopefully, Harrow Council will provide and maintain this spot of colour in an otherwise very drab junction.

Rumour also has it that residents can ‘adopt’ flowerbeds: the Council will supply the plants, and expect residents to look after them, water and weed them.  No more details at the moment, and we’re tracking down the full details – watch this space.

Source(s): reported by an iharrow.com reader; Google provided the map.


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