Aug 23 2017

New Leader of Harrow Council Conservatives

Following Councillor Susan Hall’s appointment as an Assembly Member to the Greater London Assembly, and her subsequent decision to stand down as Leader of Harrow Conservatives, the Harrow Council Conservative Group elected their new Leader, Councillor Paul Osborn.

Councillor Osborn has represented Pinner ward since 2001 and said in a statement today:

“I relish the opportunity to hold this failing Labour administration to account. The people of Harrow are fed up with rats in the streets and charges for collecting their garden waste. I will fight to hold them accountable and work to put in place the policies that will make us proud of Harrow again.”

He continued: “I would like to thank Councillor Hall for all she has done as Leader. She will be a hard act to follow. She is now working in City Hall ensuring that Sadiq Khan delivers on his promises and I know she’ll do an amazing job.”

Former Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Susan Hall AM, who represents Hatch End ward said:

“I am pleased that we have a new Leader who will bring strong Conservative leadership to the group and I am confident he will continue our fight for a cleaner and safer Harrow for our residents.”

Councillor Osborn will be announcing his Shadow Cabinet in the coming weeks and will outline his plans for the future as we run up to the local elections in May 2018.

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  1. red mirror

    forgive my ignorance on the matters of local politics,but is this a sideways move or a notch up that greasy pole for susie ?

  2. mike mcfadden

    Good luck Susan Hall, we will miss all your hard work and effort in trying halt the decline of Harrow. However, Mr Osborn seems to have been well briefed on what’s needed to clean-up Harrow both inside and out. Perhaps one day you’ll come back as our MP.
    Regards Mike McFadden

  3. keith.rookledge@icloud.com

    Soory to see you go Susan

  4. Linda Robinson

    But she’s not going anywhere, is she? So we won’t have to miss her. She’ll still be a Harrow councillor.

  5. sonoo malkani

    Yes,Susan is still a Conservative Councillor in Harrow but has the additional post of a GLA member at City Hall which means more accountability for the Labour Mayor of London.Those are the facts.You may see her in action on the MOPAC web-site at City Hall’s Police & Crime Committee meetings.You will learn far more about the state of London’s Policing from that than any newspaper or news programme.
    Congrats and best wishes to Paul Osborn on his new appointment as Leader of the Conservative Party in Harrow.He has his work cut out.

  6. susan hall

    Politically its a move upwards, thanks for your normal caustic comments red mirror. Mike and Keith thanks so much for your kind words and Linda I hope you are correct, I do wish to remain a Councillor and continue to fight for better services for our Harrow residents.

    1. red mirror

      caustic? no susan hall i call it like i see it you know deep down that anything of real importance is not decided by politicians,but the powers behind the scenes oh yes you might have the odd dumped couch removed or gloat over the poor souls in beds in sheds as you and your kind pillory them for being poor but i note ever increasingly now the merging of the state and corporate i dont need to hive you the definition of that as orwell daone a first rate job already enjoy your ascent? i will be watching as ever .

    2. red mirror

      you are a public servant yes?open to criticism yes?i am so sorry for not being a susan hall sycophant but highlight and rebut i will with or without consent of media politically correct fanatics or anybody else the last time i checked free speech was alive just barely but alive geez the next thing i will have antifa chasing me down the unswept streets of harrow.

  7. Mike

    Has Paul actually ever had a real job? His LinkedIn page is just a series of political appointments.

  8. Someonewhocares

    Well he had some kind of moving service a few years ago. However *I* was not moved by his “completely missed the point” Brexit stance:

    “The people in Brussels who make between 20 and 60 per cent of our laws, depending on how you count, are not accountable to the people of Europe and there is no way to get rid of them. If you can’t get rid of people who make laws, and don’t know how they voted, there is just not a democratic process.”

    Not sure just how he believed Brussels was ‘not accountable’ but I assumed he was referring to non-elected decision-makers, and so not dissimilar to our very own House of Lords of course…..

    Speaking of Democracies I see 52% of Tories want Theresa to go….

    1. Someonewhocares

      And, furthermore – if Paul O. is actually going to ‘grace us on here with his presence/input’ as Susan H. has done – I would be very interested in his opinions now about the latest “DD Power Grab attempt” by the (minority) Government today, and specifically just how ‘democratic’ that was!

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