Aug 25 2011

New street-bins in Harrow

Thanks to Twitter user @tattytee for snapping this shot of Harrow’s new street bins.  They certainly look to be an improvement on the existing plastic bins that are scattered around the borough. We’re not sure where in Harrow this was seen, but we’re looking forward to them getting down to South Harrow sometime soon.

On the subject of bins, a recent document about smartening up Harrow on the Hill also called for new, more “sympathetic’, bins in the streets – somehow, I don’t think the futuristic design of the bin pictured here will fit in with Harrow on the Hill’s olde-worlde and Harry Potteresque charm and grandeur, but it’s certainly a good start for the more commercial parts of the borough.

If you know more about these, have any idea of where this picture was taken, or can provide any more details on Harrow’s plan to install these in other places, please let us know in the comments, below.


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