Apr 23 2013

New Streetlights on the way to Harrow

harrow_council_logo2The future is looking bright for the borough with Harrow Council set to replace old orange street lights with energy efficient lighting that will save taxpayers’ money and reduce carbon emissions.

Harrow Council will replace the borough’s 15,500 street lights with brand new LED lighting over the next seven years which will deliver savings of more than £200,000 each year. The long lifespan and low energy use make LEDs financially attractive because the running and maintenance bills are lower. The Council will save approximately 112,000 kWh of electricity per year – which is 2.1 per cent of existing energy consumption. Once the new lighting is fitted across the borough this figure will rise to four per cent.

Energy costs for old street lights have soared by 43 per cent over the past four years alone. Street lighting currently accounts for 25 per cent of the Council’s electricity consumption and 12 per cent of its carbon emissions. The replacement programme is part of Harrow Council’s Climate Change Strategy in which the authority aims to reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Harrow Council Portfolio Holder for Environment and Community Safety, Cllr Phillip O’Dell, said: “In times of such financial hardship every penny counts for local authorities across the country and this replacement programme will not only save taxpayers money but reduce the borough’s carbon footprint. Most importantly of all the new street lights will ensue the safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians continues long into the future.”


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