Sep 24 2013

Newton Farm School – To Expand or Not Expand?

school_expansionBarely had we written about how consultations had commenced across the borough for the expansion of a number of schools, than somebody throws a spanner in the works.

If you read the above article, which was published only yesterday, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Newton Farm School is scheduled for expansion in September 2015. However, the minutes of the School’s Governing Body from July 11, 2013, appear to show a different story (our bolding):

Expansion of School – The Chair informed Governors that the local authority asked for a further meeting with the school evening [sic] having said no to the expansion and the local authority asked that the Governing Body reconsider their decision.  The Chair said that this was a difficult meeting and that this would be taken to the full Governing Body for reconsideration. The local authority has already submitted an application to the DFE and has said that Newton Farm is in agreement with the expansion which is not the case. The Chair said that he did phone the DFE and informed them that the Governing Body has not agreed. The local authority has requested a meeting with the Chair and Vice Chair to which the Headteacher has not been invited. The Chair said if the school were to agree to the expansion the school would lose income gained by being a National Support school.

Since there are no other meeting minutes on the School’s website, nor is there an agenda for any Extraordinary Meeting, this all seems a bit odd.

The next Governor’s Meeting is September 26th, so we’re sure this’ll crop up again. Sounds awfully like there’s a little disagreement going on, but all will become clear in the fullness of time. We already have a request for comment in with the school on another matter, but they’ve traditionally been reluctant to talk to us, so we’re not holding our breath.


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