Sep 26 2013

Newton Farm School Year 6 SATs Papers Tampering: Q&A

school_signWe’ve now received answers to the questions we put to Newton Farm School’s Chair of Governors:

Q: Has the headteacher, or any other member of staff or governors, resigned or been suspended at the moment over this?

A: No. We have started an investigation into the findings of the STA report which we received last week and we cannot prejudge the outcome of that investigation. The report does not attribute blame and instead says that certain papers had been tampered with.

Q: How many children were affected – ie: how many is a ‘handful’?

A: Current information is 5.

Q: When was the STA’s investigation?

A: The STA investigation took place between June and September.

Q: Why is there no mention of this on the school’s website?

A: We have sent a letter to parents of the 30 pupils affected.


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