Oct 06 2011

Nice save! Council praise for resident recycling

Harrow residents have been praised by the Council for saving £1.2m by recycling last year.

The borough is one of the top performing in the capital with just over 50% of all household waste now sent for recycling.

As it thanks residents for their sterling efforts, Harrow Council is urging households to recycle even more.

It is taking part in a national campaign called Nice Save! that will show residents how much money can be saved when they produce less rubbish and recycle as much of it as possible.

It costs £90 to dispose of every tonne of waste we collect in Harrow but just £20 to process a tonne of recycling. As the Council works to save £62m over the next four years, due to government cuts, inflation and other pressures, recycling is one area where every home can do their bit.

Cllr Phillip O’Dell, portfolio holder for environment and community safety on Harrow Council, said:

“The less we spend on waste, the more money we can use for protecting front line services. Harrow residents are among the best recyclers in London and thanks to their efforts the Council is making big savings.

“However, the cost of collecting rubbish is going up and when we send it to landfill, we are throwing money away. This puts even more pressure on the Council’s limited finances.

“That is why we are asking our residents to recycle even more. We reckon that over a third of the waste that goes into people’s grey bins could still be recycled.

“The Council will be spreading the Nice Save! message to help good recyclers become great recyclers.”

Source: Harrow Council

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