Jan 01 2014

No New Years Day Lie-In for Sheriff Hall This Morning!

susan_hall_2Council Leader Susan Hall has kicked off the New Year as she clearly means to go on, turning up on BBC News this morning to talk, again, about the expected migration of people from Romania and Bulgaria, and the likely impact it could have on boroughs such as Harrow.

Sheriff Hall eschewed the usual purple jacket, and was wearing, unusually, a black jacket with a green blouse, and despite the early start, stood her ground during the interview.


Source: @chrisbaxter_hn (image here)



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  1. A. PAIS

    I assume i-harrow wants itself to be taken seriously. If so, is this the best it can do by commenting on the colour of the Council Leader’s jacket in virtually every newsflash it sends out. Should we be worried about the colour bias of the Editor of i-harrow towards red?

  2. j p hobbs

    I was gobsmacked today listening to Keith Vaz and a couple of BBC Buffoons telling us they had been at Heathrow to see the hundreds of Romas and Bulgas flooding in and that it had not been so , we know full well they will be coming from across the channel by ship train and lorries , how dare they treat us like morons . are they complete twankers ?

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