Jun 14 2016

Now @harrow_council leaves residents in dark over bin collection

harrow_council_broken_2If Harrow Council were a ship, it would have been run onto the rocks a long time ago.

Having spent countless hours telling us “customers” – that’s right, we’re no longer the folk that pay them to work for us, but now we’re merely customers – that everything is online: the much sought after “channel shift” which makes “contacts” cheaper, the council has now resolutely given up on telling us when, if ever, it might bother to collect bins.

“Really?” you say? Yes, really. Look, right under that advert for cars that the council has slung onto it’s website:


Imagine if they ran an airline, and maybe, just maybe if you managed to get on board, you know you’d end up without your luggage, in a far flung Eastern Bloc country instead of the Las Vegas trip you’d booked and paid for, having experienced a huge delay because nobody could find the keys to the plane, and furious after having read the once-glossy-but-now-tatty in-flight magazine telling you that Captain Lockwood and First Officer Shah had won yet another award for excellence in customer service.

But we’re mixing metaphors, and we’re sure the new leader, Cllr Shah, is doing a fine job of sorting out the mess of bins across the borough. After all, if he has time to manage to corral council officers, staff, councillors and residents to join him at a Gay Pride march at the weekend (a noble gesture indeed, and the greatest respect to him for supporting his community at a time like this), but shouldn’t this rank just a little bit lower than him getting officers to do what  they’re being paid to, and sorting out this bloody bin mess?

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  1. Tyrone Taylor

    Thanks for this Article,I cheekily emailed missed bins last week to ask when my next brown bin collection was emailed me back to say tomorrow (a week early) so after reading this I better stick it out just in case.

  2. MysticMeg

    I am so glad I refused to sign up for the brown bin collection. I already suspected that this incompetent shower would not be able to manage this simple task. I have emailed them and telephoned them to ask them to remove my brown bin as it is taking up space in my garden and I do not require it. Many of my friends have done the same. The response is deafening…white noise – nothing! I really cannot fathom how we managed to secure ourselves this labour run council. To the people who voted for them, I hold you responsible.

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