Feb 15 2017

Now @harrow_council slashes ‘Sex Entertainment’ Costs in Borough

Harrow Council, whilst on the one hand increasing a whole raft of fees and charges across the board (eg: skip licences up 4%; scaffolding licences up 4%)  has decided to slash the cost of setting up a sex entertainment club in the borough. Gentlemen wishing to be entertained by lap dancing girls, wearing g-strings stuffed with tenners, whilst downing watered-down and overpriced drinks must be beside themselves with anticipation.

Last year, it would have cost any local entrepreneur some £8500 to apply for a licence, with a further £4800 per year after that. The council, obviously wising up to a missed opportunity to bring these venues into the borough has reduced those charges by 53% and 42% respectively. There’s also a 63% reduction in the cost of licence variations part way through the year.

Sex shops, however, don’t receive the same treatment: licence charges there go up by 4%.

There’s no word as yet as to how many sex entertainment establishments the council is hoping to bring in to add a bit of that ‘Las Vegas’ sparkle to the borough.

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  1. red mirror

    well its a stocking trade bound to cause a rapid rise in inflation nice to see the sex trade and harrow council coming together and why not the guys working in the civic deserve a bit of eye candy after all its sadly lacking in the civic now who would like to see a female cllr give it a go on the pole?

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    The Council obviously want to increase employment opportunities in the Borough. This was a recent headline in the Harrow Times “Butlers with Bums seeking men to be naked butlers for hen do parties – strippers and life-drawing models also wanted”.

  3. Mr P Shah

    Everything about this council is bad and wrong. The bins is a mess our streets are dirty. Nobody answers the phones so you cant complain but they charge us so much in our council tax. How it is they can now make it cheaper to bring sex entertainment to our Borough it is very bad. Everyone is so fed up with them the people running the council do not know what they are doing.

    1. DJFearRoss

      It’s because idiots keep voting for Labour.

  4. Wealdstone Warrior

    @ Concerned Harrovian, I might look that advert up, I could do with a Butler or 2 to run a feather duster around Warrior Mansion.

  5. Noor

    Is there anyway that we can vote for no confidence so the labour council is replaced by any other!

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      Yes by voting all the Labour Cllrs out at the next local elections 2018!

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    Is this “fake news” or what!When someone uttered the word “Harrow” I would have thought the first thing that came into the mind was Harrow School–the world-famous one at the top of the Hill.Not sex entertainment clubs.The mind boggles!Whatever next.

  7. DJFearRoss

    It’s all about project ‘diversity’. Labour gets a huge number of its votes from minority groups. The majorty of these girls are young Eastern European girls and as such the clubs are probably run people from there as well. It’s sad, not just because these girls are being exploited but it’s likely more of these places will now open. What with 24 hour off-licences being approved, the high-rise flats, congestion and filth that have already run down the whole area, it looks like Harrow Council is putting the final nails in coffin.

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