Jan 24 2014

Obituary: Harrow’s Campaign for a Fairer Grant

gravestoneIt is with a degree of sadness, and, admittedly, little surprise,  that we announce the passing of Harrow’s Campaign for a Fairer Grant earlier this week.

Born almost exactly a year ago, and trumpeted by the then-leader of the Labour Group and Council, Cllr Idaikkadar and Number Two Cllr Sachin Shah, “more than 500” people had signed up in the first week. Indeed, a month later, the Council shouted that  “over 1,100 residents have now thrown their weight behind the Campaign

Alas, that 1,100 was clearly the climax, the “money shot” if you will, of the campaign. Checking the number of signatures today, a year after conception, that number stands at 1,274. We said in March last year that only 0.6% of residents had signed up; today, that’s risen to 0.7%. Or in other words, from “very bloody little” to “not very bloody much.”

The campaign, backed by the Harrow Observer, never really managed to catch people’s attention. Number Two Shah said, at the time, “I’m so pleased the Harrow Observer is working with us on this campaign, showing a real commitment to the people of Harrow.”


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  1. John Clement

    The demographics in Harrow have changed so much in the last 20 years from one of the most community orientated boroughs in London to one of the least.
    Most of the current residents dont give a damn about the community. In 50 years time we will have no pubs, museums, art galleries, culture or community activities.

  2. All things good

    Surely it is the Councils job to battle with the govt to get a fairer grant for Harrow? Or is this a case of incompetency, as was the case when the Council submitted wrong figures for a slice of the £600 million education grant a few years ago?

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