Feb 20 2013

Open Letter from Harrow’s Conservative: Labour Criminals should payback allowances

conservative_logoDear Editor,

It has emerged that former Labour councilors Brian Gate and David Gawn continued to accept allowances while being investigated for criminal offences to which they subsequently confessed. We wish to add our voices to the many residents who have already called for these allowances to be paid back.

Brian Gate – Labour’s former portfolio holder for Children, Schools and Families – continued to accept his monthly £680 allowance from his arrest on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children in September 2012, to his accepting of a caution for said offence and resignation from the Council in January. Cllr. David Gawn – who shamelessly refuses to resign – continued to accept this same £680 monthly allowance throughout nearly a year of proceedings before he finally confessed to attempted fraud in December 2012. He still continues to claim his taxpayer-funded allowance, even though he actually can’t attend evening meetings at the moment because of his court-imposed curfew.

It also emerged that the Labour Group continued to accept portions of the annual £3,581 per-councillor allowance into their Group budget in respect of these councillors; a fact the Labour Group has confirmed. This is despite Labour insisting both councillors were technically ‘suspended’ as members of the Group during these proceedings; calling into question both the Labour Group’s integrity and the value of its disciplinary measures.

Incredibly, Cllr. Gawn continued as a member of the Labour Group until 24th January, with Labour’s Leader Cllr. Thaya Idaikkadar saying he had “not spoken” to Cllr. Gawn about the issues at hand. Why did no such conversation take place, and why was Cllr. Gawn allowed to continue in the Labour Group for over a month after his sentencing? These are important questions; Harrow residents deserve answers from Labour.

The official response from Labour has stressed that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we have no objection to this principle. What sits uncomfortably, however, is that both these councillors took money from Harrow taxpayers, pleaded guilty, and kept the money – while the Labour Group has essentially defended their right to it. At the same time, the Labour Group made all the right noises about distancing themselves from their colleagues, while still accepting money into their budget on their behalf. We therefore also call on Labour to
pay back this tainted money; for them to show some the first inkling of moral fibre after their colleagues’ morals failed them.


Cllr. Barry Macleod-Cullinane (Conservative Group Deputy Leader)
Cllr. Paul Osborn (Standards Committee Vice-Chairman)
Harrow Council

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  1. Melanie

    Heheehee! You guys and your comedy writings! What are you like? Labour and morals? You’ve got more chance of Father Christmas entering into a civil partnership with the Easter Bunny and getting permission to adopt the Tooth Fairy! Not to worry we’ve got the Head of Legal Services keeping an eye that Labour don’t waste a fortune on something completely ludicrous, such as….I don’t know, sending out personalised letters to every council tax payer with a huge lie perpetuating the myth that it’s all the Government’s fault! Bloody Government, trying to give us £1,000,000 so we didn’t have to raise council tax. Huh! We’ll show them

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