Jan 24 2013

Open Letter to Cllr David Gawn – Time to Resign

david_gawnDear Councillor Gawn (pictured, left),

On 20th December 2012 at Harrow Crown Court, you were sentenced for committing two counts of a very serious crime against a very vulnerable person. It took multiple appearances in court for you to finally admit guilt and receive your sentence.

You were elected as a Labour councillor for Harrow on the Hill ward in May 2010, and continue to unashamedly hold the position as ward councillor to this day. As another councillor for Harrow on the Hill, I am urging you to properly understand the duties of the role in which you were elected to serve; to take responsibility for the serious crimes you committed, and to resign immediately.

Residents of Harrow on the Hill are entitled to know whether, since your arrest, you have continued to claim the full councillor annual allowance of £8,160 per year; and whether the Labour Party Group received and continues to receive taxpayer money for you being a member. The distaste that would be felt at you receiving money would match that felt at you claiming to represent the people of Harrow on the Hill whilst committing crimes in office.

When we are elected, we are expected to do the best for the people we serve; and residents have to be able to trust us to do as such. You have been told by a judge that you ‘took advantage’ of the trust that was placed upon you. Knowing this, how can you have the gall to remain a councillor?

In addition to sending this letter to you directly, I have also made it publicly available. While you may feel it acceptable for Harrow residents to be represented by a criminal, I personally feel they deserve better than that, and once again call on you to resign.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr. Simon Williams (Conservative)

Harrow on the Hill Ward

Harrow Council

Footnote: in excess of 95% of those voting on an iharrow.com poll thought it was time for Cllr Gawn to resign, now that he’s the proud holder of two criminal convictions. When we queried Cllr Idaikkadar, the Leader of the Council, he said he hadn’t asked Cllr Gawn to resign, and, in fact, had “not spoken” to him about it at all.

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