May 12 2013

Open Letter to Cllr Idaikkadar from Harrow Labour Group

labour_roseOPEN MEMO from Harrow Labour Group

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dear Thaya,

Keeping our promise to Harrow voters

We are deeply saddened by your recent decision to leave the Harrow Labour Group – of which you have been a loyal member for 11 years. We very much hope that you will reconsider this decision and the consequences for Harrow residents of working with the Tories.

You have proudly served in the Cabinet since Harrow voters put their trust and faith in Labour at the 2010 local elections. The confidence they placed in us was based on the commitment we gave to protect frontline services, especially to those most in need. That has remained our shared priority, but the action you are taking puts that promise at risk.

Since May 2010, in the face of the most severe cuts ever imposed on local government, Labour in Harrow has made a difference: improving services and opposing Tory austerity measures that are hurting our community. You have been central to this campaigning.

We will continue standing together for Harrow. Until the point that you announce your new Cabinet, and we see you shoulder to shoulder with Harrow Tories, we will not believe that your head and heart are still not firmly with us – and with Labour.

Yours sincerely,
Harrow Labour Group


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  1. HarrowRes

    Still no word on why Thaya’s leadership was challenged in the first place then? Can somebody please tell us the reason ?

    If he is so great and you want him back, why did you overthrow him in the first place ?…or is this more about just retaining the balance of power ?

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