Mar 10 2015

Osborn says: “Secrecy Over Harrow Council IT Contract”

harrow_council_logoWith only a couple of days until Harrow Council’s new IT supplier is revealed, the opposition Conservative Group have accused the Labour administration of withholding potentially vital information from them. Labour were originally responsible for the 10-year IT deal with Capita signed back in 2005 – against Conservative warnings. In 2010, Labour then extended the contract for another 10 years with a 5-year break clause. This break clause was subsequently used by the previous Conservative administration, due to Capita’s exceptionally poor performance. This process was overseen by a cross-party working Group as the Conservative administration thought, given the importance and length of the contracts, it was vital to involve all political parties.

Cllr. Paul Osborn, shadow portfolio holder for Performance and Corporate Resources, said: “During our last administration, I went the extra mile to ensure Labour were as involved in the winding up of the Capita contract as we were. Not only did we have the cross-party working group, but I made sure we had identical briefings and that they had access to any information they wanted. It was in everyone’s best interests for the process to be free from political interference.”

Cllr. Osborn added: “Unfortunately, Labour don’t seem to share my view on this, and I’ve discovered that Labour have had secret briefings with the three potential suppliers – which will be vitally important in deciding who wins the contract – without involving us. I’ve even now been told I now can’t have a copy of a presentation I sat through only a fortnight ago!”

Cllr. Osborn concluded: “You would think that Labour, as the architects of the disastrous Capita contract, would be keen to avoid the same mistakes as last time – but their conduct suggests otherwise. It’s bad enough that Labour signed two atrocious IT contract because they didn’t listen to or involve us; to sign three would be absolutely shameful.”

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  1. Anne Jones

    It would not surprise me if Capita get the contract again,given the re appointment of Chief Exec it seems they do not like changes to things they have implemented & subsequently changed by Tory administration.

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