Jan 26 2013

Own a Small Business? Here’s your chance to be on TV

old_televisionAre you facing challenges in today’s turbulent and competitive market? Would you like to improve your business
and revenue?

BBC Worldwide channels are making a documentary series exploring the challenges faced by small businesses in the UK in a tough economic climate.

If you run a business with 8 staff or more and think you could benefit from professional advice about how you could expand, improve your brand, use marketing strategies or deal with staffing issues… then get in touch!

Contact them if you are interested in taking part and would like help in improving areas of your business such as revenue and sales, staff structures, marketing, branding and technology.

They will match 10 UK-based companies with an exciting and dynamic source of business consultancy advice in order to try and achieve specific objectives, whether that’s increasing revenue, building engagement with customers or boosting staff motivation.

For more details about the programme please contact business@outlineproductions.co.uk or call 020 7424 7639

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