Nov 29 2017

Panic Not, Harrovians! Council is “fully prepared” for winter!

From Harrow Council’s “Community Directorate”:

The winter is approaching, trees are beginning to lose their leaves and our Streets and grounds teams are out focusing on leaf clearance. There is a natural cycle of leaf drop with differing species of trees dropping their leaves at differing times of the year with the last hardy specimens dropping at the end of December. However if there is a sudden cold spell and/or heavy winds there can be a sudden leaf drop which temporarily overwhelms our resources. If this does happen we know the areas.

Our Highways team is fully prepared for winter gritting, we have 4,500 Tonnes of salt in stock located at our Central Depot to allow easy deployment across the borough (shared between us and Barnet). This is sufficient stock to allow both Authorities to  deal with the worst weather conditions, but should it be necessary to replenish, there is both a London wide resilience stock that is available and stock can be ordered to ensure that our levels are replenished. There is proactive monitoring to ensure that we are alert to order as early as is possible.

  • Harrow’s crews have undertaken practice runs to re-familiarise themselves with the routes to ensure that  deployment can be made effectively and the most efficiency can be derived from the individual routes gritted. To ensure that the crews are fully operational we ensure that as necessary we undertake further practice runs to ensure that we are well versed in meeting the demands of the service. Additionally this allows us to meet the demands should there be a road closure, adapting the prescribed route as necessary to maximise and mitigate the route gritted.
  • The team gets three daily reports with bespoke technical forecasts and are ready to deploy gritters prophylactically when needed. Additionally a further forecast is given that predicts the weather pattern over a two to five day period to allow us to consider the weather pattern and be prepared for a possible down turn in the weather conditions. The weather conditions will dictate both the length of roads gritted and the volume of salt that is spread.
  • We have already undertaken one gritting round and are looking at a few more before the month is out. Wherever practicable we will lay grit outside of peak traffic hours to ensure that we can ensure accurate spreading and not add to the disruption of the network.
  • Our Snow Champions are also kitted out and eagerly awaiting the call to action to spread grit in the immediate vicinity of their property or others that may be at risk. However, the presumption is always that the Snow Champions do not put themselves at risk.

More information from the ‘Community Directorate’ can be found here (pdf).

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Good to know we have contingency plans to tackle inclement weather conditions in Harrow.

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