Jan 16 2015

Petition Against Harrow’s £75 Garden Waste Tax

harrow_council_logoAlready, a petition has been started against Invisible Dave’s latest hare-brained idea of charging residents £75 a year to have their brown Garden Waste bins collected. You can sign that here.

Conservative leader Cllr  Susan Hall said: “Ever since Labour’s plans became public, local residents have been in touch with us to complain about them. Many object to paying more money for bin collections on top of their (very high) council tax, but other reasons include discouraging people from being good neighbours and sweeping leaves from the pavement outside their houses, to concerns that those who do pay will find their bins stuffed by others the moment they put them on the curb for collection. It’s very clear that a number of residents see this charge as a potential garden tax, so we started the petition as a more direct way of demonstrating to Labour the feeling there is on this issue, and how poorly theirs plans are being received.”

So may questions remain unanswered about this scheme – even though Cllr Varsha Parmar declared the scheme as being “fully costed” she was unable to tell residents on Thursday night any details on how the extra bin – for kitchen waste – would be collected. The new, smaller, 23 litre bins, sound very much like they don’t have wheels, which means residents – and refuse workers alike – face having to pick up a weight of around 23kg (around 50 llbs or six and a half stone) – to get the bins emptied. No doubt Gary the Union Man will have something to say about that fairly soon. Of course: the bins MAY have wheels – we simply don’t know, and it’s likely that the half-witted Cllr Parmar doesn’t either. Are there going to be new, expensive vehicles? Again, neither us, nor the reticent Cllr Parmar know that either.

The petition reads:

Harrow Council’s Labour administration recently announced, as part of their budget proposals, that residents could face a £75 charge for the collection of their brown waste bins.

The bins, which are currently used for garden and food waste, would change to being for garden waste only – and would be collected once a fortnight for a £75 per year fee. We believe this proposal is an unreasonable ‘garden tax’ on Harrow residents, who already pay the third highest council tax in London, and who should reasonably expect waste collection to be included in their bills. The proposal is also unfair on low income households, and will likely have a disproportionate impact on elderly and disabled residents.

So if you live or work in Harrow and are against the plans to charge for brown bin collections, please sign this petition.

Already, the comments on the petition are rolling in: “This will just see a huge increase of waste being dumped-encouraging yet more vermin.Harrow is fast becoming a Rat colony,” says CW.  “We are paying enough as it is,” says RA.

You can sign the petition here.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    I expect the chorus from Harrow folk will be the children’s song:

    Don’t dump your muck in my brown bin,
    my brown bin, my brown bin,
    Don’t dump your muck in my brown bin,
    My brown bin’s FULL!

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I wonder how much the councillors recycle? Perhaps Cllr. Varsha Parmar would agree to have her bins weighed on a weekly basis and the contents inspected to see if she is recycling enough. Councillors should lead by example.

    I wonder if it possible to obtain this information through an FOI to see how much each councillor recycles?

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