Jan 16 2013

Petition Harrow Council to Continue Support for Harrow Young Musicians

harrow_young_musiciansHarrow Young Musicians organises musical activities for young people who live in and around Harrow. It has gained an enviable reputation for music making to a high level in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

Harrow Council is currently considering a proposal to withdraw, completely, the grant to Harrow Young Musicians. This will inevitably lead to its closure.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]This sort of organisation is the antithesis of the best in society.. – Andrew Southard[/pullquote]

HYM is not just a place to play incredible music. It is a place to make some great friends and share wonderful experiences. Harrow Young Musicians is a truly remarkable organisation; it is a community of students, teachers, helpers, parents. It is an organization that has benefited the wider community, and it would be a travesty to let it close.

Please sign this petition if you do not agree with the proposed funding cut to HYM by Harrow Council.

Some of the people supporting this petition had this to say:

I was a member of HYM for 8 years and I gave me the opportunity to play in venues I would never have imagined, such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican Centre, as well as around the world, during tours to Brittany, Nice, Barcelona and Venice. The confidence in myself and the friendships I build as a result of being part of HYM are still with me to this day… –  Asha Kotecha

And this:

I attended HYM from 1991-2003 and it provided me with not only a musical education but many life/social skills and opportunities… – Sabrina Legg

Please sign this petition to add your voice.

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