Oct 14 2016

Petition: Save ‘Stop Smoking’ services for Harrow residents

quit-smoking-6-150x150Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the UK smoke. 50% of regular smokers will die early as a result of their addiction. Smoking results in heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer. I am a doctor and I see the devastating impact these conditions have on the lives of patients and their families.

Harrow council is proposing an end to ‘Stop Smoking’ services in the borough, because of financial cuts. This service helps Harrow residents quit by using the most effective behavioural support methods. The service has helped 1,751 people stop smoking since April 2013. Harrow Council proposes to end all local ‘Stop Smoking’ programmes, including tobacco awareness campaigns aimed at children.

The short term saving for the council would be £279,000, but because of smoking related disease the longer term economic costs will be much greater. We need 2000 signatures to trigger a full council session to further discuss this savings proposal. Please sign this petition before 3rd November to protect the future health of Harrow residents.

You may think this doesn’t affect you but this local issue reflects a national trend, and will wreak havoc on the NHS in years to come.

You can sign the petition here. It already (as at 14.10.2016) has over 700 signatures.

Dr Tara Sathyamoorthy
Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

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  1. Hilltop Watchman

    I am rather more concerned at Harrow Cuncil’s butchering of our rubbish collections, the comensurate increase in fly tipping and the threat to the global public health. Smoking is self afflicted, Harrow tinkering with refuse collection is a collective threat to our health.

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