Sep 21 2014

Petition to Save Harrow Arts Centre from Closure

harrow_arts_logoHarrow’s Labour administration has announced that it is considering the closure and/or sale of Harrow Arts Centre to save money. Regular users are incensed by the announcement, and have launched a petition to save the Centre.

According to the petition:

Arts are vital to every community. Harrow Arts Centre is home to many organisations which provide fantastic services, classes, tuition, and much more. To lose it would be to lose the only full time accessible Arts facility we have in Harrow. As a musician I don’t want the arts to be further downgraded in the list of priorities of our local council. In fact, I think we should be celebrating the arts with a bigger and better Arts Centre in the centre of Harrow: one that can accommodate more diversity in classes, facilities and entertainment, provide more value for our community, and generate a bigger income, enabling it to be more sustainable economically. Harrow residents need more vision from its council, not less, even in a time of recession. Try making more efficiencies within the council, and stop taking money away from the Arts.

You can sign the petition here, to show your support for the centre.

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  1. j p hobbs

    The developers will be happy .

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