Sep 23 2014

Petition to Save Harrow Museum from Closure, Sale or Redevelopment

harrow_council_logoHarrow’s Labour administration is considering axing Harrow Museum, a fine example of history and culture, set in the heart of the borough. Labour’s dismantling of the pieces which hold the community together could see this closed, sold, and turned into another block of over-bearing, under-sized rabbit-hutch flats.

Harrow Museum was founded in 1986. It is located in the historic buildings and grounds of Headstone Manor. The site includes a moated manor house, dating back to 1310 and Grade One listed; a Tithe Barn, build in 1506 and Grade Two* listed; and two smaller agricultural buildings.

The buildings display permanent and temporary exhibitions exploring various aspects of local history. The Tithe Barn offers a stunning environment for the museum cafe, shop, toilets, educational activities, music and special events. This large building is also available for private hire.

The museum has strong community involvement and an active Friends organisation

The petition says:

Harrow is a vibrant and large community of people of all ages. All communities need culture in order to thrive. People need places to go in their leisure time – places to think, to relax, to learn about the past, and have great ideas for the future. Harrow Museum is one of the few beautiful public buildings left in Harrow, and certainly a fantastic venue for public gatherings of many kinds. I believe that the Harrow Museum should not be closed, but be run by people of vision who can deliver a sustainable future for it.

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  1. PraxisReform

    We should also keep in mind that when the Civic centre library was closed recently, Harrow Local History Archive was merged with Harrow museum.

    So, in closing the museum, Harrow would also be losing access to many specialist books about the area, old maps, newspaper clippings, photographs and other Harrow related ephemera.

    Thus, Harrow’s politicians might be delighted that their nefarious deeds will be more difficult for future generations to find out about, but the rest of us would lose the ability to research local interests and the History of the borough.

  2. Keith Rookledge

    Quite rIght PraxisReform!!!

    It is bad enough trying to access the archives now with the limited opening times and inability to book slots!

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