Jul 12 2011

Petts Hill Bridge – works compound still there?

If you cast your mind back to the Petts Hill bridge works some over a year ago, you’ll remember that there was a small corner carved off of Alexandra Park, which was used as a works compound – a place to store bricks, machinery, kerb-stones, etc, etc. It’s at the outh-east corner of the park, just at the end of Alexandra Avenue where it meets Northolt Road.

It seems that the area is still being used for storage by one of the Council’s contractors, even after all this time. Looking at Google Maps, it’s clear that something has been going on, so I took a couple of photographs through a hole in the fence:

From these photos (you can click to enlarge them), you can see that it’s still in active use.

There has been a discussion over whether this area could be used as a parking area for the park, although concerns were raised that it may simply become a car park for Northolt park station, which is just over the road. If used as a car park, it would also introduce some rather difficult road layout, and, perhaps be too dangerous – it’s already a dangerous junction there as it is.

Any thoughts? Let us have them in the comments, below, and we’ll feed them into the South Harrow and Roxeth Residents Association to pass onto the Council.

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