May 23 2013

Photos from Harrow’s Mayor Making Ceremony: Councillors Revealed.

harrow_council_logo2Much has been written about Harrow’s Mayor Making Ceremony on Tuesday evening, and, no doubt, many photos are filling the local press as well.

Provided by an anonymous contributor, we’ve got a couple of photos of the event which are unlikely to make their way into the Council’s album. Given the respect that the office of Mayor both enjoys and deserves, I think that the oft-repeated saying that a picture is worth a thousand words applies here.

The pictures speak volumes: it would be a shame to not use them. Questions you might like to ask your local councillor, if you can see them here:

  • Were you playing with your Ipad, or paying rapt attention to proceedings, Cllr Sachin Shah?
  • Were you seen fiddling with your mobile during the prayers at the opening of the ceremony, Cllr Jean Lammiman?
  • Did you stand for the entry of the Mayor, most of the Labour group?
  • Were you asleep, Cllr Jerry Miles?
  • Did you take part? Or did you simply heckle, shout and argue at the end, Cllrs Kairul Marikar and Lurline Champagnie?
  • Did you bother to ‘dress up’ for the occasion? Or did you turn up in a T-shirt, Cllr Navin Shah?
  • Did you stomp your foot and go home after the ceremony, instead of talking to other members, residents and other invited guests at the buffet afterwards, pretty much all of the Labour group?





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  1. @GeorgiaHCRfm

    Cripes – Photos are not allowed to be taken in there. Know wonder they came up to me last night to check I wasn’t taking any (I was just tweeting – Honest)


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