Jul 16 2017

Pinner Wood School – Progress Report, June 26, 2017

Dear resident,

This is the sixth of our regular updates on the work that our project team are undertaking at the site of Pinner Wood School. The site is currently closed after the discovery of previously unmapped chalk mine tunnels under the school building, some of which had collapsed roofs.

Our consultants, contractors and project team are all of the opinion that remediation work can be completed by the end of the year, with all voids in the ground filled in and permanently made safe in time for the school to return home for the start of the Spring Term in January 2018. Unforeseen delays to the work will not prevent the school returning but may leave works on the playing field to be completed in the New Year.

The underground scanning has shown that the extent of the tunnels – particularly underneath the school – is far greater than initially estimated. By contrast, we are very pleased to say that our investigations have revealed only two tunnels heading under the road at the south-east corner of the site. Laser scanning observes these tunnels coming to an end before they reach the opposite side of the road from the school.

In the past two weeks, our site investigations have been completed, including all the underground laser and video scanning. We decided to drill a few additional boreholes under the highway in Latimer Gardens, to ascertain if there were any voids beyond the tunnels shown up by the laser scanning. The good news is that no voids were encountered.

The final report of the condition of the site, alongside detailed maps of the site investigations and remediation plans, are due to be complete by the end of July and we will share them with the public just as soon as they are complete.

Since time is of the essence, contractors Forkers have already begun remediation works, by order of a special report presented to Harrow Council’s June Cabinet Meeting. The report is available to read at www.harrow.gov.uk/pinnerwood.

Forkers offices are now set up on site, their plant is in place and over the next few days they will be bringing some sleeping accommodation to site as well. Forkers have already started the bulk filling of tunnels in the south east corner of the site, focusing first of all on the highway and under the school. After bulk filling comes ground compaction works, as the plant works its way northwards on the site towards the car park and the field.

We are planning to release our next scheduled update by email and on the website in four weeks’ time – on Wednesday 19th July. However, if anything unexpected arises, we will be sure to let residents know right away. If you would like to receive this bulletin by email, please contact us at regeneration@harrow.gov.uk.

Thank you for your understanding and your continuing support.

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