Jun 06 2017

Pinner Wood School – Progress Report, June 6, 2017

Dear neighbour of Pinner Wood School,

We are pleased to say that Pinner Wood School is set to return to its home buildings at Latimer Gardens by January 2018, with all classes ready to resume there at the start of the Spring Term.

The historic mine workings underneath the school site have been identified and they are more extensive than initially thought. Some are in poor condition, with further ravelling and migrating voids discovered. Fortunately, our surveys show that large parts of the site are clear of any mine workings. Full laser and video scanning is almost complete.

The joint view of the Council, our professional advisers and the school is that the underground mine workings can be filled in and the buildings made safe, permanently, in the next six months, in good time for Pinner Wood School to return home for the Spring Term 2018.

What exactly has been found under the school?

Maps of the findings of the boreholes are included in this letter, and updates are being made available on the Council website at www.harrow.gov.uk/pinnerwood. We are still receiving data from our laser and video scans and we will be compiling a report of what they have found. All mine workings mapped to date are contained within the Council’s property and we’re pleased that at this stage we have no evidence to suggest the workings go beyond the road.

One tunnel does extend below the road (Latimer Gardens) and laser scanning shows it coming to an end before it reaches the opposite kerb. We are planning to fill this hole as well, and until that can be completed, we intend to introduce a temporary weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes on vehicles in Latimer Gardens. That is equivalent to a medium-sized lorry, such as a full removal truck or a skip delivery lorry.

Why is the school returning faster than previously estimated?

As you will have seen, we have been able to progress our works on the site much faster than anyone anticipated. In the past two months we have mobilised four drilling rigs and drilled 700 boreholes. We have also moved faster than expected to secure the resources required – including fast-tracking the procurement of contractors and workers as well as finding and setting aside the funds required to pay for the works.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the works. We appreciate that noise and the movement of workmen and vehicles may have caused you disturbance and inconvenience. It is because of these intensive works that the school will be able to return home so swiftly.

Temporary school for the Autumn Term 2017 only

For the Autumn Term, we plan to bring the whole school together to use the temporary school site at the Civic Centre. We made this decision together with the school leadership and governors. We all believe this provides the best educational setting, on one site together, for the children’s learning, with the minimum disruption, upheaval and distraction.

We had considered a pop-up temporary school for Pinner Wood. However, with the school set to return home so soon, we now do not think we need this option for just 13 weeks of educational use, especially considering the construction risks, upheaval and expense involved.

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