May 05 2015

Police Stop and Search – Feedback Wanted

police_bmw_150x150Each of the 32 London Boroughs has a Community Monitoring Group (CMG) to monitor and act as a check and a balance to the stop and search activities carried out by the Borough Police Service. The CMG then reports into, and contributes to, the Pan London Community Monitoring Network (CMN). The CMN works very closely with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). The CMG in Harrow meet every three months to carry out these monitoring activities. The CMG is also represented twice in every three months at the CMN meetings that take place in City Hall.

The Borough Police Service is represented at the CMG meetings at a senior level, and also by the Stop & Search Liaison Sergeant. The liaison Sergeant also provides day to day support to the CMG.

The activities of the CMG are varied. The core business is analysing and challenging the data supplied by the Metropolitan Police Service. This data is freely available to the public on their website – http://www.met.police.uk/foi/units/stop_and_search.htm The data is presented in a variety of ways. The CMG particularly monitor the stop and search by ethnic groups compared to the Borough’s Demographic data. However this is not an exact science. There is the element of ‘footfall’, particularly at night. The CMG also monitor the quality of the forms (5090) Police Officers use to record the circumstances of every stop and search.

To augment this data the CMG also carries out its own independent research. This is carried out in a variety of ways. Questionnaires have been extensively used to obtain the views of young people. Surveys have been carried out through other youth organisations. The Youth Parliament has carried out research at one of the Borough’s Secondary Schools. The views of organisations such as MENCAP and MIND have been sought in an effort to establish whether there are vulnerable groups who may be affected. A representative of the CMG has spent a night, till 4am, patrolling with the Harrow Street Pastors.

The CMG also monitors arrest rates as a result of stop and Search and the level, nature and resolution of complaints. It is important to note that the CMG cannot directly receive or resolve these complaints. Complaints on stop and search issues can be made in a variety of ways:

  • Directly to a Police Inspector at the Police Station
  • A telephone call to 101 where the call will be triaged
  • Online on the MPS Website

The Harrow CMG would particularly like to hear the views on stop and Search from as wide a section of the community as possible. To this end an email address has been created: sands.harrow@gmail.com

This email address will be monitored by the CMG to garner the views of as wide a cross section of people as possible. The identities of members of the public sending emails WILL NOT BE MADE KNOWN TO THE POLICE. However information on the views expressed will be used to further the work of the CMG in monitoring the use of stop and search. It will not be our intention to embark on conversations on this subject, although requests for information would be replied to.

Community Monitoring Group (Harrow)

[notice]The information in this post was provided by Harrow Council to its Neighbourhood Champions. However, we’ve been unable to confirm the authenticity of the contact email address provided, and our request for a contact number of the person behind it was ignored. If you do wish to provide feedback, you should assure yourself that the group/person behind that email address is genuine, before submitting any personal information. [/notice]

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  1. sonoo malkani

    This is an important piece of information which Harrow Community Monitoring Group is trying to collate.The feedback will inform the Pan-London Community Monitoring Network how Harrow is coping with Stop & Search.I sincerely hope this will also be circulated in the Harrow Times for the next couple of weeks to help publicise what is being requested and hammer home the importance of getting valuable feed-back on this special power which the Police have been given.

    Your involvement and feed-back is vital for the CMN to be able to monitor how well or otherwise we are performing in this department.

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