Sep 03 2013

Political Windsock Akhtar Announce Wealdstone Plans

husain_akhtarCanons’ residents are likely to be dancing in the streets this evening. The much-loved and respected (hah!) local councillor, Husan Akhtar, star of many an iharrow.com article in the past, has announced that he intends to abandon Canons ward and stand in Wealdstone instead, where, perhaps, they haven’t heard of him, in next year’s elections

Joining him under the flag of Wealdstone Independents will be another HCJ bed-fellow, Pravin Shah. There is, of course, every chance that Akhtar will change his mind before next May rolls around, something that would likely surprise nobody.

Wealdstone residents should be advised to read iharrow.com’s articles on both Akhtar and the HCJ’s previous escapades, which might include the failings at Grange School, the distribution of swimwear modelling photos and the suggestion that HCJ are the source of ‘vile diatribes’. Let’s not forget that 98% of iharrow.com readers thought Akhtar should resign over the Zarina Khalid stuff. Of course, he didn’t. And as far as we know, there wasn’t even an offer of a bunch of flowers or an apology.

iharrow.com firmly supports the cut ‘n’ thrust of political challenge, sparring and even a bit of mud-slinging at times. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good bun fight now and again, but frankly, we can’t think of anyone less suitable to stand as a councillor.

After his latest defection, Cllr. Akhtar asked to be judged, not on his political manoeuvrings, but ‘on the support and service I provide to the residents’ – a service which he recently described as ‘outstanding’. By throwing in the towel up in Canons, we think it’s clear exactly what ‘support and service’ he provided to residents.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Just read that Husain Akhtar is to stand as a councillor in Wealdstone. Will he be canvassing for votes in his swimsuit? He appears to be fascinated by councillors in bathing apparel I wonder if hia election leaflet will have a picture of him wearing his speedos? Will his political rivals be downloading pictures of guys in swimming trunks and emailing them to voters in Harrow Borough suggesting they could be Husain? He has said there are many people who wish to impersonate him. Has anyone any suggestions as to whom would be a suitable doppelganger for this propspective Wealdstone Councillor? Will the present Wealdstone councillors be canvassing in their swimwear? It looks to be a lively election in Wealdstone!

    In view of the poll on this website I would not rate his chances.

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