Jan 27 2011


I came across another fascinating piece of information today. According to CTC – The UK’s National Cyclist’s Organisation – Harrow ranks 47th in a league table of local authorities in how well they fix road defects. To put that into context, there are 213 local authorities listed, with Brent in first place, having fixed all the 124 defects reported to it. Harrow, on the other hand, had fixed only 28 of the 72 defects reported.

What does this tell us?  I’m not sure.  If we look at the number of reported defects, we see that Surrey has fixed only a quarter of the 2825 which they had reported to them. And Blaenau Gwent hasn’t fixed any.  At all. Mind you, it only received three reports, so you’ve got to wonder if it’s worth them employing anybody to do the job.

But on a more serious note, is this information useful?  Do we find that people in Surrey spend all their time reporting road defects? Are they all reporting the same pothole? But what can explain the difference in performance between them?  We don’t know.  Maybe Brent have someone employed to go online and ‘tick’ all those reports as completed, once they’ve been repaired.  And maybe Harrow don’t.

Have a read, and make your own mind up.  And let us know in the comments.

You can report a defect to the CTC by clicking here, or – more properly, in my view – direct to Harrow Council by clicking here.  Or you can email them at publicrealm@harrow.gov.uk or call 020 8901 2600.  And just to make sure we cover all the bases, if you know who your Neighbourhood Champion is, you can approach them, and ask them to do it for you.  Phew.

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