Feb 12 2013

Press Release from Harrow Labour: Gates and Gawn Scandal

labour_roseA Labour Group Spokesperson said: “By Law Councillors are entitled to their basic allowance for as long as they remain an elected member of the Council.  There is a fundamental principle in English Law that you are innocent until proven guilty. Although a Councillor is administratively suspended, it is a neutral act not implying guilt or innocence.  Allowances continue to be paid until investigations are finalised. Brian Gate was paid his basic allowance until he resigned as a councillor on January 9 – two days after he received a police caution. Cllr Gawn remains a ward councillor and is entitled to his basic allowance. By Law Cllr Gawn may continue in his role despite his suspended sentence. Neither Brian Gate or Councillor Gawn are a member of the Labour Party or Harrow Labour Group.

In a previous Administration, a Conservative Councillor, was suspended from Harrow Conservative Group for a sexual offence.  He continued to receive his allowance as provided by Law since he remained a Councillor. He voted with the Conservative Group when he attended Council meetings. Harrow allocates £3,581 per year to each Councillor to support their ward and council work and this funds general office support. The allocation of this funding is only changed when group membership changes. The Labour Group budget was reduced by this amount upon Brian Gate’s resignation and when Cllr Gawn became an independent Councillor.

For further information, please contact the Secretary of Harrow Labour Group, Cllr Nana Asante. cllrasante@yahoo.co.uk

Tory held over sex act in loo | The Sun |News:


Sex scandal councillor kicked out of Tories (From Harrow Times):


Councillor David Gawn: When we were made aware of the charges against David Gawn, he was immediately suspended from the Labour Group, to allow for judicial process to be completed. David Gawn is no longer a member of the Labour Party or Harrow Labour Group.

Councillor Brian Gate is no longer a member of the Labour Party or Harrow Labour Group.

Source: Harrow Labour Group

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