Dec 01 2012

Pressure on School Places in Harrow begins to Bite

Harrow has already been talking about a School Expansion Programme in the borough, although, at the moment, that’s all it is: talk. We’re convinved that the answer to the lack of school spaces isn’t to shove poorly thought-out temporary classrooms into schools, nor to expand buildings at the expense of schools’ grassed areas. And let’s not forget the crazy idea that Harrow had for one school about putting a playground on top of a new building, so that the amount of area left for playing would remain unaffected by a new, two-storey building.

The answer is new schools, in new locations. Not spending three years turning a school into a building site before it’s finished. Not three years of school management having their attention distracted by work nearby. And not creating hundreds of extra vehicle movements per week in areas where the roads simply can’t cope with it.

However, the pressure on school places is starting to show. According to the minutes of the School Placement Panel for November 28, 2012, there were 16 children for whom admissions staff could make no reasonable offer of a school place.

Headteachers from  Whitchurch First and Nursery, Belmont, Welldon Park Infant, Camrose Primary, Roxbourne Infant, Stanburn Infant, Roxeth Primary, Whitchurch Junior, Newton Farm Infant and Junior, Aylward Primary and Heathland Schools have also expressed their concerns at increasing pupil numbers to more than 30 children in a class.

In these cases, the next option is for Harrow’s Director Children and Families to allocate these 16 children to schools: essentially, to tell the schools that they have to take them. The sixteen children above, who had no place to go, are likely to be distributed as follows:


Reference Year Group Admitting School
P192 Reception Grange Primary
P193 1 Glebe Primary
P194 1 Elmgrove Primary and Nursery
P196 1 Grange Primary
P197 1 Heathland
P198 1 Grange Primary
P199 1 Elmgrove Primary and Nursery
P200 1 Weald Junior
P201 1 Glebe Primary
P202 1 Stag Lane Infant
P203 2 Stag Lane Infant
P204 2 Heathland
P205 3 Stag Lane Junior
P206 4 Glebe Primary
P207 4 Stag Lane Junior
H26 11 Hatch End High

There will almost cetaintly be more to come on this. We’ll keep you updated.

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