Oct 10 2011

Primary School Expansion Programme in Harrow – Background

In common with many local authorities, Harrow needs to create more primary school places to meet the growing demand for places. Harrow’s schools are successful and popular with parents and pupils. Our challenge is to find ways to increase the number of places while ensuring that educational standards are maintained. This consultation seeks view on our proposals to increase the number of primary school places across the borough.

Additional Reception classes have been opened in Harrow schools each year since September 2009. To meet the projected future demand Harrow Council proposes to expand 11 schools. In addition to these school expansions, temporary Reception classes would be opened each year as required to meet the ful extent of the demand and any fluctuations that arise, and to allow some flexibility and choice in the school system. The majority of Harrow’s primary schools will be involved in the expansion programme either through permanent expansion or temporary additional Reception classes.

Harrow council is keen to know your views, and you can respond until Friday 11 November 2011 by following this link.

The decision made about which schools will be the subject of statutory proposals for expansion will be made by Harrow Cabinet, the decision making body of local councillors, at their meeting on 15 December 2011.

For the purposes of school place planning Harrow is divided into five geographic Primary Planning Areas: Central, North East, South East, North West, and South West.

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