Oct 10 2011

Primary School Expansion Programme in Harrow – Consultation Begins

Today, October 10th, marks the start of a four week consultation period for schools, parents, community groups, etc, to feed back their view on Harrow proposal for permanent expansion of a number of primary schools in the Borough. The schools potentially affected are:

  • Aylward Primary School
  • Belmont School
  • Camrose Primary School with Nursery
  • Cedars Manor School
  • Glebe Primary School or Kenmore Park Infant and Nursery School / Kenmore Park Junior School
  • Marlborough Primary School
  • Pinner Park Infant and Nursery School / Pinner Park Junior School
  • Pinner Wood School
  • Stanburn First School / Stanburn Junior School
  • Vaughan Primary School
  • Welldon Park Infant and Nursery School / Welldon Park Junior School
Ideally, information should be coming out of schools in the next day or so (it’s a shame that it didn’t come out before the consultation started, but that could be a point for challenge, later on, if felt necessary).
We’ll be posting detail on here as and when it’s released by Harrow Council or the school themselves. You can feedback your views at Harrow’s online consulation portal here.
Disclosure: the author is a Parent Governor at one of the schools listed above. None of the information in this, or related articles, breaches any confidentiality, and is already in the public domain. For transparency, all sources will be identified.
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