Oct 10 2011

Primary School Expansion Programme in Harrow – Documents

Harrow Council has now published it’s documents concerning Primary School Expansion in the Borough.  You can read them by clicking on the links below:

Full Consultation Document

School Roll Projections

Map of Harrow Primary Schools and Planning Areas

Schools in the Primary Planning Areas

Harrow Council is keen to know your views, and you can respond until Friday 11 November 2011 by completing the consultation survey.

The decision made about which schools will be the subject of statutory proposals for expansion will be made by Harrow Cabinet, the decision making body of local councillors, at their meeting on 15 December 2011.

The consultation runs from Monday 10 October to Friday 11 November 2011. A report will be presented to Harrow Cabinet, the decision making body of local elected councillors, on 15 December 2011. This report will present the councillors with the outcome of the consultation and make proposals about those schools for permanent expansion. Harrow Cabinet will decide which schools will be subject to the statutory processes to increase the size of the schools.

The statutory processes to expand schools involve several formal stages (indicative timescales are included):

  • Statutory consultation – for 4 weeks during February/March 2012.
  • Consideration of the outcome of the consultation and decision whether to publish statutory proposals – March 2012.
  • Publication of statutory notices / proposals – for 4 weeks during April 2012.
  • Decision whether to approve the proposals for implementation – June 2012.

When the statutory processes are completed, implementation planning will be progressed by the council and the schools. This will include building works to the schools’ accommodation. The additional places will be offered at the schools within the timescales for their additional temporary Reception classes and permanent expansions.


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