Oct 27 2011

Primary School Expansion Programme in Harrow – Your Comments needed

Harrow’s Primary School Expansion Programme is currently out for consultation across the Borough, as we reported here, here and here in early October. The consultation finishes on November 11, so if you want to get your point across, you have just two weeks left to do so. The survey, which you can complete online here, takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

Remember, that even if you don’t have children at any of the affected schools, you could still be impacted by any expansion. For example, if a Junior school, with years 3-6 added an additional class to each year group, that would be an extra 120 children at the school, some of which would travel to school by car. It would also mean an additional number of staff – assuming one teacher and two teaching assistants per class – might mean an additional 12 cars parked around the school area. Any parking spaces in an already congested area would instantly disappear; traffic would be a nightmare at school start and end times: you can view this for yourself at Wyvenhoe Road in South Harrow any morning at 08.45 or again at 3.15.

We’re not sure how much effort schools have gone to in order to consult with parents – we’re not aware of any schools holding parent meetings yet, and some schools haven’t even written to parents. There’s also some unawareness from some local residents who don’t have school-age children.

Complete the survey here.


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