Jan 21 2011

Proposed Roundabout on at Northolt Road and Eastcote Lane junction

In what seems to be an effort to commit to spend money before the end of the Financial Year, Harrow Council have come up with a proposal to place a mini roundabout at the junction of Eastcote Lane, where it meets Northolt Road.  A PDF copy of the plan and Harrow’s covering letter is below.

Northolt Road and Eastcote Lane Roundabout Proposal Plans

Northolt Road and Eastcote Lane Roundabout Proposal Letter

According to Harrow’s (undated) covering letter, this is in response to “…twelve collisions involving a personal injury [which] occurred within 50 meters of this junction in the study period [of January 2007 to December 2009]…” and “…half those collisions involved turning movements…”

The closing date for comments has now passed (today, as it happens), but it seems that  this is the answer to a problem that nobody knew we had: one collision every three months hardly seems a lot, especially since the degree of injury is unknown (nose bleed?  broken bones?).

Perhaps the problem is not the junction itself, but a combination of a major junction, with multiple bus stopping places, on-street parking space and a pelican crossing.  Add in a bus station just around the corner, a tube station and a mini-cab office, and maybe the problem is simply that the area is too congested.  And maybe, just maybe, a knee-jerk spend on a mini roundabout isn’t the answer.

Disagree?  Post your thoughts in the comments, below.

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