Feb 01 2012

Public Computers in Harrow’s Libraries – 36% don’t work

With much of the Council’s – and indeed, the rest of the UK’s – business being carried out online these days (paying parking tickets, buying book or groceries, completing tax returns, etc), we wondered how many public computers Harrow provides across the borough in it’s libraries. These are computers where you can – for free – send some email, do some research, or do your home banking and pay bills.

In a recent Freedom of Information Request, we asked Harrow Council how many of their computers were actually working – we wanted to see if, for example, computers were “always broken” as we’d often heard from other residents.

Out of 142 public access computers, Harrow were unable to give us any kind of availability, but they did tell us:

  • On January 17 this year, 51 of those – over a third – were currently ‘out of order’.
  • No public library had all it’s computers working.
  • Wealdsone Libary had only four, out of fourteen, computers working.
  • The most reliable libary, Kenton, had only one computer out of order.

The full table is below:

According to Library Services, upgrading Harrow’s public computers was “…approved… …as part of a report on the ‘Future of Cultural Services in Harrow’. We will begin soon on the project to improve our People’s Network after in Libraries and will be ensuring our customers are kept informed of our plans.”


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