Apr 06 2017

Public Spaces Protection Order Proposal for High Street Wealdstone

Harrow Council says it is taking action against a fly-tipping hotspot in Wealdstone and needs your help to stop the disgusting and unacceptable level of fly-tipping near High Street Wealdstone.

Harrow Council is proposing a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in your area. The PSPO would make it illegal to block the access road to the rear of 88 – 112 High Street, Wealdstone at any time.

A map showing the proposed area can be found here.

The Council’s evidence shows that this access road is being continually blocked by unattended vehicles. This practice prevents access for service vehicles which in turn leads to significant accumulations of waste which is unsightly and attracts vermin. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, Police, Ambulance and Fire Service vehicles will not be able to attend at the point of the emergency potentially leading to a loss of both property and life.

Harrow Council would like your views on a proposed PSPO in the area depicted. This would prohibit the following activities:

  • To leave any vehicle, plant or machinery unattended at any time on the service road.
  • To erect or place any storage unit.
  • To store any item other than waste awaiting collection in appropriate containers and those containers only to be placed in the area hatched on the map overleaf.

The owner of any vehicle left unattended or any person storing waste receptacles other than in
the indicated area would face a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice or a possible criminal

The PSPO would be enforced by authorised officers of Harrow Council.


If you wish to voice your support or make an objection to the proposed PSPO, please email environmentalcompliance@harrow.gov.uk or write to us at Environmental Compliance, Civic Centre 1, Station Road, Harrow HA1 2XY by Friday 28th April 2017.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    I hope this order goes through and Wealdstone folk can wave farewell to the rats that live on the fly-tip.

  2. Mark Rughani

    I am very much in favour of PSPO and also spoke to the traders who are also against flytipping
    and welcome any action Council takes to make Wealdstone CLEAN.

  3. Carol Grant

    I entirely agree, Wealdstone needs this order.

  4. Terry

    PSPO Whilst I fully agree with issuing a penalty notice .if vehicle is blocking emergency services it should be towed away.

  5. Wealdstone Warrior

    Definitely in favour of this proposal, anything that keeps the streets of Wealdstone clean is a good thing. Shame it took so long and was not dealt with sooner to stop the rise of the rodents.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Now that rodent problem we *can* actually agree on WW!

      And yet, incredibly, the Council charge £114 (per case) to deal with such pests;
      Wonder why folks don’t report these things?….

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    Yesterday there was rotting food in the alley way How could anyone purchase food from the shops that back onto the alleyway and be confident it was safe to eat? Also the rats are quite capable of walking from the alleyway round to the High street! This a major health and safety issue.

  7. Harrow Dude

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Dispersal Orders are the only way to clean up Wealdstone and a Public Spaces Protection Order can only be a good thing. Enforcement is the only thing the scrotes understand. But why just here why not all problems service road…come on Sachin grow some balls and be courageous and make it happen

  8. Sonoo Malkani

    PSPO’s as they are called will be a good thing.However,how soon can and will they be enforced?The hotter months are here now and rodents running riot is no way to improve the lives of residents in Wealdstone.
    No amount of monies poured into this area with new building and development will bring automatic success unless daily living standards are radically improved very quickly for locals.this is in the gift of the Local Authority.

  9. Wealdstone Warrior

    The Labour run council have had years to make improvements to the area and they have allowed it to decline. They are only taking action now to appeal to voters in 2018 local elections.

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