Apr 16 2014

Questions for Cllr Navin Shah

navin_shahWe had an open letter, asking Cllr Navin Shah a couple of questions:

Dear Editor

I am writing to ask three simple questions from Labour London Assembly Member and Harrow Labour Councillor, Navin Shah, about his promises to the community about two things:

1 – What happened to his promise to twin Harrow with Bhuj – Indian town – on behalf of Labour Party?
2 – What happened to his promise of Hindu Crematorium – a campaign pledge supported and facilitated by him?

I would be happy to be corrected but feel that both these campaigns were used by him to gain local Gujarati community sympathy and votes and he has not delivered either after many years.

In addition, why a talented shortlisted Labour Muslim candidate for Harrow East Parliamentary elections, who had worked in media with significant experience and competence, Amina Ali, was subjected to humiliation and disrespect during the Labour Party interview selection process when Cllr Shah’s colleague, Labour Councillor Marikar, and other Labour Party colleagues asked Ms Amina Ali derogatory and disrespectful questions about her faith and being a single parent?

Yours sincerely

Alexandra Avenue

We asked Navin for a response, and received this:

Twinning of Bhuj:
I introduced the concept of twinning to Harrow Council after a lot of hard work and a personal visit to Bhuj entirely at my cost. On conclusion of my study, many years ago, I submitted a report to the Council’s Cabinet meeting. After due considerations the Council did not go ahead with the twinning.

Hindu Crematorium:
I have pursued aspiration of a Hindu Crematorium both at community level and senior officer level to assess viability of such a project. The issue is a complex one and not only Harrow but other areas like Leicester have tried and struggled on this issue. Complexity is surrounding some key factors like funding of the project; acquisition of a suitable site (planning-use being a major issue) and sustainability / viability etc. If any group comes forward with a project I’d be happy to support and work together to take it forward.

Its absolute nonsense to allege that the two issues above were in any way related to gaining favour of Gujaratis. Throughout my public service I’ve been very proud of Harrow’s diverse community and worked in partnership with all communities not just one particular section of the community. Whilst I’ll cease to be a local Councillor beyond May 2014 I shall continue to work with all our communities on issues of local concern and importance.

Harrow East Parliamentary Selection:
Ms/Mr Sembukutti should be raising this matter elsewhere as I don’t live in Harrow East, I’m not a member of Harrow East Labour Party and therefore I did not attend the selection meeting.

Best Regards.

Cllr Navin Shah

Many thanks to Navin for taking the time to answer.

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  1. King David

    Basically all failed promises and empty pledges by Harrow Labour. He will fail to be Councillor but is putting his daughter in his seat. Instead a sitting Cllr Silver (removed/not standing) and local resident Stackpool who was shunted to Stanmore. More starkingly, last answer about Harrow East parliamentary Labour selection is shocking. Harrow Labour seem to have lost the plot. This treatment of their own member from certain community is shocking to say the least.

  2. John Clement

    I’m not really sure that the indigenous population are being very well represented. This seems to be an attempt to turn Harrow into Asia.

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