Aug 01 2013

RAC Report on Excessive Parking Charges – Harrow Ranks 29th… out of 350

pound_coinsMany thanks to my good friend Mr Mustard, who wrote an article about excessive parking charges in Barnet – I had heard the report on the radio this morning, but forgot all about it moments later. Hat tip for the reminder, Sir!

Essentially, the news item was about a study released by the RAC into the huge amounts of money being racked up by councils through parking charges. Mr Mustard has, of course, looked only at Barnet, so we’ve looked at Harrow’s numbers.

Out of over 250 local authorities, Harrow came 29th when parking surpluses were arranged in descending order. Obviously, Westminster was going to be at the top (it was, with a surplus of £41.6m in 2011/12). In fact, the top five authorities all had a surplus of over £15m in that period. So where does Harrow fit in?

2011/12 – £4.6m

2010/11 – £4.7m

2009/10 – £4.1m

It’s a nice little profit earner, no? Some councils (Lancashire, for example) have made losses over the last few years, although we’d argue that the ‘right place’ to be would to break more or less even.

For an example of where councils lose money on parking would be South Gloucestershire, who have lost around half a million pounds every year – certainly an extreme, and certainly not the place to be.

How did our neighbours do? Barnet ranked #338, Brent was #52, Hillingdon came in at #109

The figures for Harrow are quite clear: it’s being used as a money maker, and that’s not going to sit well with motorists who are already feeling the pinch of Harrow’s recently-announced parking cost increases and the ongoing stealth cameras across the borough.

You can download the entire report here.



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  1. derek miles

    even more worrying harrow council use there traffic cameras for parking fines
    stop at a cash machine for 2 mins £60 fine £20 fine quite adequate and what does council do with all this money why is the figure not published on reg basis

  2. concerned_resident

    Comes as no surprise to the residents of Harrow. In the name of keeping the traffic flowing the Council are making a huge surpluses and then squandering the funds on planning commitees who cannot actually plan, consult or follow thier own policies and/or process(es). Just look at the officers performance at the Vaughan School Expansion plan!!!!!

  3. j p hobbs

    Well you cant tell me the one stealth camera at Harrow and Wealdstone station that issued a tad under 1700 PCNs to people dropping off for a few seconds helped keep the traffic flowing it raised at least £100,000 , I have asked for this figure under the FOI act but havnt been given it so far , Therefore I believe this to be a breach of the Road Traffic act and I believe is illegal .

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