Sep 12 2013

RAF Northolt – Jolly Noisy for Harrow, says Cllr Graham Henson

labour_roseLooks like the press release from Gareth Thomas has reached the intray of Cllr Graham Henson today. The Harrow Labour group have issued the following statement, some eight days after Gareth Thomas MP did.

The Harrow Labour Group is extremely worried about the Governments recent decision to nearly double the number of commercial flights out of the RAF Northolt base, which will be on top of the military flights that use this airport.

The RAF Northolt base has a special place in the community, and in British history. It is the oldest operational airfield in the country and was an essential part of the war effort during WWI and WWII. It was also the air base where Princess Diana’s body was flown back to.

RAF Northolt is a source of pride in the local community; local residents accept the current level of noise from planes flying into the base as we recognise the important role the base has played in our history. However, it is outrageous that the residents of Harrow, local Councillors or Harrow MPs were not consulted on the government plans to increase the commercial flights from the airfield from 7000 flights to 12000 flights over the next three years.

We have been denied the right to raise our concerns on the impact of 40 civilian flights per day into Northolt Airport, the drastically increased noise and pollution levels in the local area, or the increased traffic in the local community, with the ensuing traffic jams causing daily disruption to the lives of residents and businesses in the area.

Cllr Graham Henson, Roxbourne Ward, says that: “I am disgusted by the manner in which the Tory-led Government has increased commercial flights from this base. There has been zero consultation in Harrow about expanding the air base with local councillors, MPs, or London Assembly Member. The Government did not talk to local residents, businesses or councillors about the expansion; they have simply imposed the changes regardless of the impact on the local community. We feel this is symbolic of a Toryled Government that does not care about the lives of everyday people and communities. The Labour Party in Harrow will campaign to reject any plans to increase flights from the airfield, or any plans to develop it into an extension of Heathrow.”


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