Jul 10 2016

Rant of the week: Harrow Council Phones an “absolute shambles”

harrow_council_broken_2One in an occasional series of rants, complaints and grumblings about the council.

What the hell is happening at Harrow Council? I have been trying to contact the Civic Center by phone for three days now, 6 times on Monday, 8 times on Tuesday and three times today, the last one just a minute ago; using the phone number off the letter they sent me, and the usual one 5611, it just keeps ringing then after about a minute it says “the number you have dialed cannot be answered at the moment try again later”.


What an absolute shambles – is there no one in charge of what is going on?

Want to rant? Emails to info@iharrow.com if you will. We wont’ publish your name or email address.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    If you cannot get in touch with the Civic Centre they can truthfully say “we never have any complaints about our service.”

    When the switchboard answers a recorded message asks for the name of the person or extension. I suspect many folks do not have this information. You must then wait for a person to answer. I agree sometimes the length of time before the phone is answered means you end up losing the will to live.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Both ‘clever’ and deliberate; If you don’t have a name/extn. number you then give up; If they don’t actually answer on the general line then you won’t get a name/extn. number either and then you give up anyway; If they cared they would ask for a key word – such as a *Department name*.. which is surely in itself is ‘a bit of a giveaway’? It is not difficult for this to be set up on the system they have – if they *really* wanted to talk to us that is.

  2. Keith Rookledge

    And then you end up with someone who cannot help!!

  3. Mike N

    It seems that Harrow Council don’t want to talk to the very people that pay their wages. Dealing with council tax payers over the phone can sometimes lead to confrontation and most of the time needs questions answered there and then. Not what they want!
    It is so much easier for the council to have matters reported online, on a badly constructed website, that doesn’t give enough free text box space to explain the matter in detail or upload photos.All they have to do then is give us a computer generated reference number, so that we think they’re on the case, whilst most of the time ignoring the matter completely.

  4. mike mcfadden

    Its known as being in lock down as if a state of war exists between tax-payers and their employees. That’s what happens when Loony-lefties take control,nothing is important except themselves. A massive clear out is required at Harrow. Subterfuge is their greatest weapon. !!

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