Jan 26 2012

Recycling from Flats – Roll Out Begins

Every resident living in a Harrow flat block will be able to recycle at home from April after the Council started borough-wide bin deliveries.

Refuse crews are dropping off the communal blue bins and information on recycling to every block before the end of March with an information leaflet and letter to each flat. Residents will be able to put all of their dry recyclable waste in the bins including paper, glass, cans and plastic bottles, and they will be emptied once a week.

Previously residents living in flats had to use communal recycling banks, for instance in supermarket car parks or on nearby streets.

At over 51%, Harrow’s recycling rate is currently the second best in London and extending recycling to flat blocks aims to push this figure even higher. Harrow residents saved over £1.2m in disposal costs last year by recycling their waste.

Cllr Phillip O’Dell, portfolio holder for environment and community safety on Harrow Council, said:

“Harrow has some of the best recyclers in the capital and now we can finally extend our collections to virtually every home in the borough.

“This will make it quicker and easier for everyone to recycle at home, reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill and pushing up our recycling rates.

“This is good for the environment as we stop throwing so much of our waste into holes in the ground. It’s also good for taxpayers too as it is far cheaper to recycle our waste than sending it to landfill.”

Source: Harrow Council

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