Aug 16 2016

Report Hate Crime in Harrow – 0800 138 1625

harrow_council_logoAs you may know there has been a spike in reported hate crime nationally since the EU Referendum (42% increase). Both the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London have made statements about this, and have stated that racism will not be tolerated.

The Borough Commander has informed the council that there has not been a corresponding spike in Harrow. However, a few concerned community representatives have reported ‘low level’ racist verbal abuse which is causing distress amongst community members in Harrow. They have also stated that this sort of incident is often going unreported, and it is generally acknowledged that hate crime is often under reported.

Harrow Council are actively promoting the Stop Hate UK service across the community and would appreciate if the attached information can be shared where possible.

20160806_hate_crimeTo report Hate Crime, call 0800 138 1625, or, in an emergency call 999 (or 112).


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  1. Mike McFadden

    The reason there seems less hate crime in Harrow is probably because Mr Ovens has grown a pair and now see’;s the loony-Left for what they are!! Leftards, see racism when it doesn’t exists. Fabricate it when they can’t find it and ignore it when its in their ranks!! Its time to kick them and Political Correctness into touch or better still out of the U.K. !!! Lets make Britain great again.

  2. ricky123

    mike 100% agree

  3. Someonewhocares

    100% disagree

  4. ricky123

    Someone who cares – Thats why we are in a mess

    1. Someonewhocares

      Utter nonsense; But I will tell you what really did not help:


  5. Sonoo Malkani

    Borough Commander Simon Ovens has done the right thing and put out the information which those who may be experiencing any form of Hate Crime in Harrow can respond to.All our Police can do is alert those who may be feeling the heat and can take steps as prescribed by the Law.

    Under-reporting happens in many places and one can simply encourage people to come forward by publicising effectively.There’s no point pretending there is NO racism or Hate in our borough.Ask the ones who are at the receiving end!

    Just because you are not personally affected doesn’t mean people are making it up!Even to suggest that is very insulting and precisely why some folk are diffident about reporting.

    That said,we have a pretty decent record of Race Relations in our borough and must ensure we keep it that way.Takes effort and public support,not just good policing.

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    Harrow Council is to be commended for putting this out into the public domain and supporting both the Mayor of London and Prime Minister Theresa May who are keen to nip Hate Crime in the bud.

    I am sure our Local Authority could have posters to highlight this important matter on COMMUNITY BOARDS,at the HARROW Holi FESTIVAL in September,their own web-site ,a feature in HARROW PEOPLE and any allied free publications.COMMUNITY RADIO would be good way to get people talking and bring up issues of concern in relation to Hate Crime or incidents.

    The Metropolitan Police is also absolutely committed to dealing harshly with perpetrators.Our Borough Commander has already stated he will not tolerate any form of Hate crime and his officers are always willing to help anyone who needs support.

    Now it’s for the COMMUNITY to spread the message,stand by one another,and ensure our hugely diverse communities continue to respect and care for one another so we set an excellent example for the rest of the country to follow.

    COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS and FAITH GROUPS can easily send out this information to their members and post notices at numerous events which are being held throughout the year all over the borough.

    I am sure HARROW TIMES can also play their part in helping our borough prevent any distasteful forms of Hate towards any of our citizens.We need to look out for one another.
    Very grateful to Iharrow.com for helping to bring this into the public domain.Every little helps.

  7. Mike McFadden

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from the likes of you. A cultural Marxist English hater. Why don’t you just leave the U.K altogether because the truth is getting closer then you think. sunshine!! Ps: Get ya spell checker out!!! Innit Mate.

    1. red mirror

      trying to communicate with lefty loony’s a waste of time i am afraid mike when any solutions or logic is introduced to them out comes the ad hominem attack they always equate the word teacher with threat yes i agree they should vacate these isles and relocate to north Korea maybe living on a bowel of rice a day and the constant threat of death would rapidly change their political orientation keep up the good work of telling it like it is.

      1. Someonewhocares

        No, there is no actual attempt to ‘communicate’ here, just simply bully-boy others into silence. As for ‘teacher / threat / Korea’ what do those have to do with the TOPIC in hand? As for ‘Tell it like it is’ you clearly have no idea about that either! What *exactly* made you like that?. Ah yes, I would expect you have encountered a bully, and you are just ‘passing it on’ regardless, Sad.

  8. Someonewhocares

    Sonoo: I think you will find it best just to ignore Mr. McF; He is such an idiot he does not even realise *he* is actually perpetrating a reportable Hate Crime mimself! However I now find him *slightly* less offensive offensive since I also realised his overly-prejudiced words are simply straight from the mouth of Alf Garnett!

    1. Mike McFadden

      My remarks were aimed at you one who hides. Report it then you twit at least we will find out who you are!! I can just imagine you at last being a victim after support and other freebies. Grow-up .

    2. red mirror

      Alf Garnett?have you got a pay telly that takes sixpences and a donkey jacket hanging up in the
      (LOBBY) listen why dont you change your name to someone with flares and go back to 1970 with a bit of luck you will stay there .

      1. Someonewhocares

        Telly? Is that the black and white thing with moving pictures on it? In fact Alf G. was around right up to the end of the 90’s. And it seems that David Cameron and numerous other Politicians know all about him (and his stereotypical behaviour) too:


  9. ricky123

    100% agree Mike

  10. Someonewhocares

    Happy to report you ‘Alf’ to the Police, as you have just requested; For anyone else offended by this idiot’s increasingly-unpleasant remarks just use the number provided in the thread – and you can remain anonymous of course!

    I used to wonder just exactly what ‘unpleasantness’ had occurred in your life to make you so bitter: Perhaps you really need to address this rather than it all emerging aimed at strangers.
    Clearly *you* were a victim once and it eventually turned you into a bully(?)

  11. Sonoo Malkani

    Thanks Someonewhocares for your kind support.It’s such a pity some folk like the one you pointed out are so filled with hate and bitterness they cannot see the wood from the trees.Yes,this is a reportable Hate Crime and I am certain our Police is keeping a watch over remarks from prejudiced folk,.

    I wonder how Mr McF might feel if someone he actually cared for was treated similarly anywhere else in the world where they had settled,contributed and lived peacefully?Yes,he reminds one of Alf Garnet all those years back raving and ranting about anyone who was not from his own stock.Frankly,his sort’s not worth the bother!

    He is now indicating the remarks were aimed at YOU.Unbelieveable!Please ignore.Plenty of worthwhile work to get on with.Our Police have their hands very full ,ensuring we keep this borough safe and also helping out other more challenged boroughs.It also happens to be holiday time.Quite a challenge.Spare them a thought!

  12. Mike McFadden

    Sonoo Malkani stop trying to play the victim! When white people are under attack in Harrow you’re the one wondering around meetings saying never happened its in their mind. Was that the same excuse used in Rochdale, Rotherham, Birmingham and so on. Is that the Asian excuse every time? It never happened only white people are bad. Well if you and SomeOne who hides thinks that your both bonkers and mad as hatters. If you know what that is. !!Plus I maintain what I said was true and accurate. Please report me to the police I hope sooner or later they will charge both of you with inciting hatred. Mike McFadden Not afraid to stand by what I say.!!

  13. Someonewhocares

    ‘Alf’: As already indicated you HAVE been reported. Clearly you have no idea what truth is, only hate. You also seem to have no idea that YOU are the only one here ‘inciting hatred’: ‘Standing by what you say’ is nothing to be proud of if it is just vile and deliberately provocative.

    – Again something (or somebody – most probably several people over your 60+ years) made you like that – and it was most definitely not other (reasonable) contributors to this blog. In fact I started to feel a little sorry for you but overall I sincerely believe you really should get some professional help now as you are certainly getting worse and more “extreme”. And I will not reply to further because you seem to ‘get off’ on all your random rambling ranting outbursts too. Address the ‘actual* causes of these and there may be hope.

  14. Mike McFadden

    Somewhohides, You never have anything to say you just repeat your bile and nonsense. Both of you are nasty racists bigots who lose every time you try and use subterfuge to hide your true nature. Go and leave Harrow alone you’re not needed nor wanted.

    1. Someonewhocares

      *WE* are “nasty racist(s) bigots”?? – Ridiculous! Just what is wrong with you Mike/’Alf’??

      Ah yes: Classic “Projection” – “a condition whereby someone tries to ignore and deflect their *own* flaws by (incorrectly) trying to attribute them onto others. Usually an ‘attack as defense’ mechanism against their *own* unpleasant traits, impulses or ideas. In this way, the ‘projector’ subconsciously strives to avoid their own inherent unpleasantness. Notably in severe cases of projection, the condition worsens into paranoid delusions to the point that the projector believes others are not only responsible for their own problems but are also ‘plotting against them’ too ”

      Again get some help – ASAP – unless it is too late

      1. red mirror

        well done for identifying youre own malady someonewhobores .

  15. Sonoo Malkani

    Mike,you certainly are very bitter and prejudiced. I have never played victim so stop making out I have.Also please stop making out that this is about Asians versus the White community or vice versa,No matter WHICH COMMUNITY a person belongs to or what their COLOUR the crime remains the same.

    I do not wander about at meetings saying what you have just made up.Nobody is afraid of anyone who projects their own hate onto others.Stop calling people vile names simply because it gives you some kind of sadistic pleasure.It is your comments that are not needed nor wanted.Grow up and see this for what it is.

    I shall not bother to reply to any more provocative comments from anyone of your ilk.Instead,I shall pray for you to see the light.

  16. Someonewhocares

    Meanwhile – (and back on Topic):

    One noted element of the reprehensible post-Brexit increase in ‘Hate Crimes’ seems to be the unpleasantness directed towards *anyone* considered/perceived not to be “British” – albeit in some very inappropriate circumstances; For example those who are angered by *illegal* immigration are now inclined to direct their ire towards *legal* immigrants, and so those perfectly entitled to be here instead. Such misplaced hatred is particularly insidious of course.

    Please report it (if you can).

  17. Mike McFadden

    Sonoo Malkani, I do “NOT” make anything up. You and that person someonewhohides are constantly misrepresenting the truth as if you have so much to be ashamed of. As for illegal immigrants those fools at Harrow had a policy of taking in failed asylum seekers and “lost children” even you couldn’t make it up.

    How many have been taken in by Harrow and how much are Harrow tax-payers forking out to keep them? That is prudence in economics “NOT” racism !! I appreciate bigots like you find it hard to see reality providing someone else pays and you get the victim status badge to wear.*

    Harrow is haemorrhaging monies. How much of tax-payer cash is Harrow spending on these vanity projects. The number of terrorist houses in Harrow how many are publicly funded because of misguided folk like you two?

    There are far too many HMO’s in our ward there seems to be “NO” real planning in place at Harrow just a free for all. The borough is over run with rats I’ve seen many in day light hours in Burnt Oak and Queensbury which suggest huge numbers because of the rubbish dumped in the streets by people living in overcrowded houses and beds in sheds totally destroying “OUR” way of life.
    Harrow council
    is obviously in shock at what they have done to the area and are in lock down. They find it very difficult to deal with issues and seem to constantly lie when asked about planning or lack of it. AND YOU TWO MISFITS JUST KEEP PLAYING THE RACE CARD. Saying how much you care. If you’re so really worried about the people of Harrow try dwelling on waste of our money.
    Assuming you two work and pay out most of “YOUR” cash just surviving. Try giving a thought to our own that have worked 35/45 years and seeing how much of our taxes are going on free-loaders and our “OWN going without!!!! Sonoo Malkin says she has been here 20 years well when she’s worked another 20 years and has very little to show for it perhaps she will think twice about giving other peoples money away. She may not have been in a civilized country long enough to realise, socialism only works until it runs out of other peoples money and we are sick and tired of it. A working persons first duty is to his/her own family. Something you two just don’t understand. Ave a nice day Mike McFadden Ps: don’t forget your spell checkers.!!!!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Correction: Unfortunately (even) more random ramblings – and clearly *beyond help*!
      Undistinguished – and indistinguishable from the real ‘Alf’!!

  18. Sonoo Malkani

    I am not a Councillor,nor a paid worker nor an MP,just a humble volunteer Mr McFadden,so how are you holding me responsible for illegal immigrants and all sorts?You definitely must be hallucinating.Please get some help and quick!

    You have rabbited on about HMOs and whatnots.I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.Impossible to understand your rants.Find the people in Harrow Council or wherever who have strategies you dislike so much.

    So much you write is totally inaccurate and so inflammatory.No point calling me a bigot,when I am nothing of the kind.You seem to be a very sad person.SEEK HELP NOW.

    I am interested in EVERYBODY getting a proper deal.Your colour or where you come from is not the criteria.Please check your facts and then put pen to paper.Frankly you are beyond help!

    Pick on someone your own age and some one who is in a paid job like yourself.You sound very miserable Take these issues up with the authorities.I do not play any “Race card.”It’s your sort that make out everyone else is bad when you are no saint.Look how you attack innocent citizens and volunteers.Feel very sorry for you.

    I have stayed in to be a Carer most of my life and NOT claimed even when entitled —-not because I have loads of money but because I feel one must try and manage.Like so many,I struggle with loads of problems every single day ,but do not lash out and blame others for my troubles and difficulties.It’s how one think s that one speaks and acts.Please sort yourself out!

    High time you stopped this rubbish —that is,if you can find any of your emotional brakes still working.

  19. Mike McFadden

    Nothing I have said is rambling as you put it.!! Your a typical cultural Marxists who try and insult and ridicule anyone who stands firm against your bile and hatred of the English.

    You really come across as someone with mental health issues and may be the real reason you need to hide your true identity. Your partner in crime and you have “NO” answer when confronted with the truth. As for your above model I personally never saw the program nor gave it any time. If that is the level of your understanding of the English male the sooner you’re put back on medication the better for all of us.

    Ave a nice day. Don’t forget ya spell checker. You sad person.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Oh dear… Again, classic “denial”! Not sure what ‘medication’ YOU are on right now ‘Alf’ (at a guess Guinness) but virtually all you write is rambling (at best); It is all over the place! Similarly virtually every accusation you utter is about YOU too!

      Now, first of all stop picking on Sonoo; We all know by now what a bully you are but, if you really must rant and rave, then why not just focus all your hatred on *me* for the moment. I am unconcerned by your ‘deliberate provocations’ as I have previously tolerated such ‘pig ignorant monsters’ (as Johnny Speight describes them) – and actually often been able to encourage some of them to ‘see the light’.

      – Accordingly this is your cue to watch all of the Alf Garnett video; That way you can (hopefully) appreciate that many of the folks on here reading your nonsense most probably perceive YOU too. Oh and it may help if you show some of those closest to you all the ridiculous infantile rambling remarks emanating from you and ask their opinions – although hopefully *they* are normal/rational human beings. Our views seem to make no difference to you because you are so pessimistic and because your mind is so firmly closed; So do us all a favour and open it!

  20. Mike N

    Paul, can we please bring this topic to a close. It’s becoming boring and sad to read. Thanks

    1. iharrow.com

      Good point. I think we’ll draw this discussion to a close now.

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