Aug 05 2011

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

The Polling District and Places Review is statutory, and takes place every four years. The review is taking place from the 1st August to the 16th September (i.e. mainly in the holiday period!). It is not a review of Ward boundaries, but of Polling Districts within wards and Polling Stations. In Roxeth, we have 3 polling districts: WS (broadly Northolt Road, and roads both sides from the Tube Station to Northolt Park), WSA (broadly Somervell, Walton, Arundel, Carlyon, Balmoral, etc.) & WSB (broadly The Heights and the estate at the end). The polling stations are at the Baptist Church, Earlsmead School, and a temporary site at the The Heights on the small green near the shops respectively. In previous reviews there was no comments re the boundaries of the Polling District, but the issue of a permanent site for Polling District WSB has been raised; however, no suitable buildings have been identified, so we continue with the temporary portakabin!

Any representations in writing to: Polling District and Places Review, Electoral Services, London Borough of Harrow, PO Box 71, Civic Centre,Station Road, Harrow HA1 2XQ or e-mail: pollingdistricts@harrow.gov.uk. Closing Date: 16/09/11.

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