Jan 29 2012

Road Gritting in Harrow – Tips and Guidance

Depending on which weather forecast you take notice of, we could be in for a sprinkling of snow in the coming week – or maybe longer. Harrow Council has published some tips and guidance about dealing with snow and ice.

With plummeting temperatures and snow forecast over the coming days, Harrow Council has issued some important tips and guidance for keeping safe during the cold snap.

Elderly and disabled people can become isolated during bad weather, so check in on your neighbours to ensure they are keeping warm and have supplies such blankets, warm clothing and food to see them through the cold weather.

There is no law preventing members of the public from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside their property or in public spaces but it is important to do it safely.

It is much easier to remove fresh, loose snow compared to compacted ice that has been walked on, so start early. Do not use hot water to melt the snow, because it may replace it with slippery black ice.

Spreading some table or dishwasher salt will stop ice forming; a tablespoon for each square metre should work but avoid spreading it on plants or grass.

If shovelling snow, consider where you are going to put it so it does not block other people’s paths or block drainage channels.

You can check to see if your road is the Gritting Route, by clicking here.  It is not possible to grit all the roads in Harrow given the small window of opportunity we have for the task, and the resources we have available. In times of frost, ice and snow Harrow’s priority is to keep the major road networks, link roads, routes to schools, and key areas of the borough with specific issues clear and safe.

Source: Harrow Council


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